Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All I want for Christmas is..........

well it was bound to happen Gianna lost her two front teeth so the song all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth would be mighty appropriate for her this year. I am sad my little girl is getting big and so are my boys. I see them growing too fast.

Richie is talking up a storm he has such a personality he cracks me up. He makes up games and has such an imagination it amazes me.

Gianna is doing so well in school. She got the flag, which is a big to do. They give you a sticker so your parents can put in on the bumper. It is their version as a citizen ship award. SHe was the first one to get it this year. I couldn't be prouder. She also is doing extremlly well in ballet. I am so proud of my girl.

And my Nicholas is such a joy I call him the bobble head he is looking all around these days wonder what is out there. He laughs with such glee in his eyes. He really is a good baby all around.

And my business is taking off I am getting all the needed paper work done and found a hook up to make my shirts. I am well on my way. :)


Hey everyone sorry been a bad blogger again. I have been super busy I worked all last weekend. And of course had to brave the mall day after thanksgiving. It wasn't too much of a mad house. It was a good thanksgiving spent time with the family and had a great meal.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hump Day

Today is a great day I finally found someone to help out with the children. I am very lucky my aunt has agreed to come help out a few days per week. Yeah me, now I can go out to the store with out all the children, go to an appointment with out kids in tow. Make some phone calls with out someone yelling mama mama at the top of their lungs. I am so happy.

I pulled Gianna's front top tooth out last night. She was upset but the poor tooth was dangling there holding on by a thread. So yank I pulled it out. She cried for a bit but that's Gianna it wouldn't be her unless some tears were involved. LOL I am sad to say though she looks some what like a snaggle tooth now in front oh well for Christmas pictures. My poor baby girl.

Richie is a potty training graduate he is doing very well. He does on occasion have a poopy accident but other wise he is doing really well. He loves to turn on the water after to wash his hands and gets a kick out of flushing the toilet. Oh the joys of a 2 yr old.

Nicholas I am told is a big boy. I guess when you see them every day you don't know how big they really are. Well according to everyone else he looks like a 6 month old. I love my big ol baby he is such joy a happy baby. Yes he has his crying moments but it's usually because he likes the arms and wants to be snuggled all day long.

enough for now have a great day. thanks for reading.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Baby Laughs

Fidelis is Born

Yep as long as no one comes along and claims that name , that is the name of my new clothing business. Now some of you may wonder how the heck I came up with that name? Well I am reading a book called The Way see here . Anyways I flip flopped back and forth thinking what to call it. I thought I need to have faith in this company and myself that I can make it work. Thus FIDELIS was thought. It means faithfull in Latin.

So I am on my way meetings are done now paper work to do. I figure it'll take some time for the liscense and the permits to come in. Till than I am looking forward to the holidays coming up and spending a nice thanksgiving at home with the kids.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Busy = Bad Blogger

I had to work Thursday had Friday off and worked the weekend. I was super busy these past few days. Returning to work is fun. It also reminds me how naive people can be and how many should not have children in my little opinion.

Friday was my meeting with the small business admin. They told me the first steps I need to take I was on the right track but had things out of order so I need many more stops along the way in order to start the business. I have another meeting this Friday again to discuss tax's and book keeping good times Huh?

Saturday and Sunday I earned my pay check I was super busy had sick people and time consuming patients. I was happy they liked me as a nurse and were happy with the care I gave them. It's always nice to get postive feed back from my patients. I saw a few reagualr patients too. We call them frequent fliers. You recall them by name and know their whole medical history by heart they don't even have to tell you again because you know them so well. One of them was a very nice patient who I ahve had to take care of in the past the family is always nice and pleasant. Makes my job much easier.

Monday was veg day I literally wanted to sleep all day the skies were gloom since it rained in the night. I was tired the weekend had caught up with me.

Today is a new day Gianna is getting an award at school I have a Breastfeeding coaltition meeting today not sure if I can make it back in time for Gianna's award so I may skip that meeting. Ballet is tonight. Just another day in our household here. Richie is still potty training well. He has accidents from time to time. And Nicholas my sweet baby is 3 months now. Time is flying by.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Almost there

I am so excited some of you may have heard I am going to be opening my own clothing store based out of the house first. Think of me as the Tupperware lady of children's clothes. Currently I am in the process of obtaining business license and sellers permits. Starting a business is scary. I am going about it slowly taking my time and have an appointment with the small business administration this Friday. Big Richie is excited for me and is glad I am taking the leap to do something I really want. I am still deciding on a name. But I think I have it figured out. Stay tuned for more updates.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Time Change

Once again it is time change again. A roll back of the clocks and an interuption in sleep. It is 6:30 here I am have been up since 5 am. I can not get back to sleep. Of course the children can sleep in but not mommy. Today's agenda is getting Gianna off to school going to get some much needed paper work done for Nicholas. And maybe later going to the treehouse to let Richie play.

On another note. Potty training is going pretty well. He even told me when we were out in town when he needed to go. he has had a few accidents so far but otherwise it's great not to worry about diapers anymore. Heck 2 kids in diapers is expensive. So soon hopefully it'll be one only.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nicholas's Baptism

Here are some pictures from Nicholas's baptism. His godparents or padrino's were Nichole and Bryan Obeso they are both my cousins. Nicholas did so well during the mass, and while being blessed by the water. We had a small luncheon afterwards at our home. We are so happy to have Nicholas finally baptized.

Friday, November 2, 2007

My only pictures

Isn't she pretty a lovely geisha , my Gianna is getting so big. She loved the eyeliner and lipstick.

And of course a funky bored monkey. I would have had pictures of Richie but he refused and was scared of Halloween.