Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fair Time

Today was the local fair. It started out really hot like 80 degrees. Than the wind picked up and ruined it. It was short and sweet and of course over priced.

I was really looking forward to all the bad foods. The corn dogs spiral fries, the cotton candy. Well i got my corn dog my I guess my hope were up to high. It just wasn't good sadly. The cotton candy was yummy of course. But as I get older all those goodies are just not as good anymore.

Gianna won a gold fish in the ping pong toss. Richie was just happy to be able to throw things, and not get into trouble. Gianna named the fish Wally. So of course we had to buy fish food and all that good stuff.

Richie did play some games also he won a monkey. Nicholas was happy to be carried around and look at all the people.