Sunday, March 16, 2008

Woe is me post

I think I have mentioned how stressed out I am lately. Well it all snowballed today. I had to fire my aunt who happens to be my nanny. Yes call me ruthless, but she canceled on me again this week. It puts me in such a predicament.

I am sick to my stomach. My schedule came out for the next month. I have no one to watch the children. My mother had surgery not too long ago so she can't help either. I have some interviews lined up but ugh this is hard.

Luckily we have back up money thanks to Richie's new job. I just may have to take off the next month to sort things out.

Again where is the money tree so I can just stay home, or where is the winning lottery numbers?


Dani said...

I'm sorry you had to fire her. Although I totally understand. I hope things get better and less stressful for sure Ida.