Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sewing is Fun- NOT!

oh How I wish I could sew like my friend Bibi. She can sew so nice. I can't sew for *h%$ . OK well I can sew some stuff. I sewed a few blankets, and a shopping cart cover. But for the life of me I can not sew from a pattern. I have tried and tried. It's like reading french to me. I just can't get it. I bought material to make these really cute aprons, bought the pattern but nope. I just can't do it.

I feel dumb something that is fun gives me grief. So there the material waits for me to learn someday.

oh and since I can't sew a pattern I found this really nice lady on craigslist who will make me a scrub dress. Because yeah I can't sew that pattern either.


BiBi said...

I would love to make you an apron!

I always say I'm going to make one for me, but I won't ever wear it I know it, LOL!
I need to start wearing them!

No Cool Story said...

"I sewed a few blankets" PFFFT! In my book you are a seamstress.

I can sew buttons and fix holes, that's about it :(

Rachel said...

Oooh... let me know how the scrub dress goes. I'm dying to try one out!
Sorry I've been "gone" lately. I'll try to start commenting again!