Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Monday!

Funny Pictures & Funny Videos

Funny Pictures & Funny Videos

Funny Pictures & Funny Videos

Funny Pictures & Funny Videos

Fireman's Ball

This is me and the Mr. I hate that I have a funky spot on the picture but oh well.
Darin and Yvonne he also works in the ER. They look so cute together and she didn't even want to come out to the Ball.

I was laughing at this quilt don't get me wrong it was made beautifully but the fabric had me laughing. For one I know none firefighters who look like that much less pose like that. But whatever in the live auction it went for 180.00 an eye popping amount. And no I didn't bid on it.

I did however bid and won on Lego Land tickets. Burn institute gets money I get tickets, and the tax write off. woot woot

word to your mother: superfantastic blog giveaway

word to your mother: superfantastic blog giveaway

Funny Stuff

Love this dress.

I bought this dress at Charlotte Russe. I think I blogged about it earlier. Well here it is on. I love the pattern so much. I wore it to church. Don't mind the toys in the back ground. When I have to take a picture of myself. I have to set the timer and run over to take the picture. Someday I will get another tripod. The kids stole the last one.

Has it been a week?

Well everyone else was partying and having a grand old time I was working. OK to catch up. I worked t-w-th. I had Friday off I spent the day vegging out before it was time to go the the Burn Institute Ball, at the country club. Then I woke up before the sun was up to go to work the weekend.

My family on the other hand had fun. They went to the desert, they went to the movies, the pigged out on whatever was in the house. That is what you get when the Daddy is home.

I am tired. Yawn....

oh and I work Tues, Wed, Thurs again. We leave Friday to San Diego for Gianna's birthday at Sea World and my race in Carlsbad. I so am walking the 3.1 miles. Hopefully I can veg sometime next week.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Things I have learned in the ICU.

- To play twister with the many IV pumps, tubes, wires, and vents on the side of the patients. Goal don't get caught on a wire or tube or you and the patient lose.

- That a vent patient can make for a nice quiet day at work.

- To make nice with the Dr's all 50 of them for my one patient. ok exaggerating but you get the idea.

- To love fruit salad. One of the nurses makes a mean fruit salad when the day is sailing through.

- That I can appreciate the slowness of the ICU the pace is a vacation from the ER.

I am sure I will post more later. And yes I miss the ER still.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Bros Birthday.

I love this picture. My nephew has a look of pure joy on his face.
Blowing the candles out on the cake.
Cutting the cake.
And the cake I made. I really tried but after being sick for 4 days. It was the best I could do. OH well Happy Birthday Brother.

Blogging Pays!

I got this nifty wreath that adorns my door. From My Selfish Thoughts. Thanks I love it, and I think it's perfect since Summer is coming.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fantasy Factory

Have you ever watched it? Yes I watch meaningless TV shows. I love this show. For it's dumbness, the stunts, and just to see what he will do next.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still sick..

There is something to be said when you lose 4 lbs in one night due to the OUTS. I mean the outs of both ends. It is horrible. I feel shaky and weak. Everything hurts. I called in sick for work for 2 days now.

I can't imagine trying to take care of patients when I feel to weak to climb the stairs. I can't even eat. I hate being sick.

I hope I feel better soon. I am suppose to make my brother's cake for his 25th birthday. I am suppose to make a guitar shaped cake. Wish me luck.

Lost & Found

Some old pics of me when I was participating in a weekly photo assignment.

Decorating/The easy way

My neighbor down the way became a seller of these cool stickers for your walls. I think I want a few things from this place. Have you heard of it? It's called Uppercase living. You can pick from letters to sayings to objects. I love it. Above is an example of the many things you can buy.

I think I want the pantry sign for my pantry and some lettering for my laundry room too.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What's happening?

Well I survived the sickness. I also hosted Richie's BFF in the whole world and the wifey Audra and kids for the weekend. The girls had fun and played all day long. I finally felt better Sunday and made it to Old Navy for a great sale.

I also worked Sunday night it was nice to be back in the ER. I worked because they were short.

Nicholas is sick he is croupy and fever and doesn't feel good. I hope he feels better soon.

So now I get to clean the house and do laundry woohoo.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Food Poisoning!

ok I cheated I had a hamburger from a certain place called Burger King where you can have it your way. I never asked for it to be covered in germs, and served up hot. I have been in the restroom non stop. It sucks. I feel weak, and sleepy and can't even eat. That was last night.

This morning I woke up with a queasy uneasy stomach and don't want to risk eating anything solid.
I did however manage to keep saltines, and water down. yeah me!

The beauty of stomach flu the weight loss. Yeah 3 lbs in a day and a half talk about sickness.

ok maybe tomorrow I will brave it and try to add something else. I am not that big a fan of saltines alone.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Haul Today!

I was called off of work today. I was on call till 3 pm. That's the burden of ICU not enough patients they put you on call. So I went shopping.

Earrings from Torrid plus hair clips. The big gold ones are from Avon. I love Torrid for the accessories. And today they had a clearance sale. woohoo!

I got a dress from Charlotte Russe and 2 cute shirts. Grand total under $55.00 Love it.

Yeah the dress is busy but I like it. :)

Is this stinky?

I had a flower in my hair yesterday. Yes I wear flowers in my hair at times. Yes I am twelve anyways. I was driving in the car to target jabbering away with Richie and he told me "It was stinky".

I said say what? Yeah mom your flower is stinky.

Thanks Richie I love you too.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I want to host a clothing swap.

Have you heard about it? It's where you invite a bunch of girl and they bring the clothes they don't wear anymore, and you bring yours and you can swap clothes.

I love this idea. I have a few dresses that I have worn only a few times. That goes for some blouses too that seemed like a good idea then.

I think I could manage up a few girl to trade with. I or they get some new clothes or shoes. I think it's a win win situation.

That will be next on my list of things to do.

Making a kids library?

Not my kids but I love to see kids reading. We have a cute little book collection at our house but want to add to it. Gianna has read and reread most of her books. So I am looking to add some new ones. Thankfully the generic ones I can pass on to read to the boys. I dont' think they want to read about princess and girl stuff though. So those we may get rid of. How do you collect books do you buy them. Go to the library only or do a book swap?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Colored Jeans?

So would you wear any jeans other than blue jeans? I love the colors of the jeans out there but don't know if I could pull them off. So is this a DO or a DON'T?

Birthday Wishes Part Dos

Some one to teach me how to be a kick ass sew-er or to knit.

I need some more earrings some cute ones for work. I also need some new work shoes. My others like the ones shown above are broken. I need some more.

Life in the ICU

I amazed by the family members just when I think they are rude, and sometimes questioning my every move they surprise me and tell me I am doing a really good job with their mother or father. That makes me feel good. I wanna be a good nurse to these patients, even though at times I may get annoyed by the families. My annoyance stems from having to explain the condition over and over to the sister, the brother, the daughter in law, the cousin from out of town, and the uncle. Sometimes I think there needs to be one head chief of information in the family. And that person should be the phone tree to let the others know. And NO I can not give you information over the phone.

The good thing and the bad is I get to know the physicians better. I mean on any given day. I have to talk with the respiratory guy, the CT tech, the lab, the echo guy, the infectious disease Dr. the pulmonologist, the internist, and usually the renal, and cardiac Dr's. Yeah and I usually have to explain the condition to all of thee above at any given moment. Thank god we don't have residents or are a teaching hospital. Then I would have a bunch of residents running around too.

Homeless Condo's

This brainchild is an alternative to being homeless sleeping on the street, and let's the homeless have their own space. It's mobile, it holds your belongings. You can donate to help build more of these at EDAR They are waterproof also. I bet that is a big help.
Everyone deserves a Roof= EDAR.

Fair Time

Surprisingly I didn't partake of the annual corn dog, cotton candy, kettle corn or spiral fries. I walked out with only 1 bag of cotton candy for the kids to share later. I did good. Well at least my diet did good.

Gianna took off with her friend and her dad to go on the big rides as she said it. Nicholas is still too little so Richie was on his own to ride the rides. He loved them all.

Grand Total $3980.00

Yeah that was the grand total to get the first phase of Gianna's braces. I can't imagine! She needs a two phase treatment. So that price is the beginning price.

I told Gianna jokingly well sort of that she would be picking up cans, and saving her birthday money. LOL And since our dental insurance does not cover orthodontics we are screwed.

I never had braces. I needed them and now I want them. But of course it's too late so we will find some money make payments or whatever so she can have them.

Friday, March 6, 2009

And that is why I am tired.

Let me explain my routine when I work. I know there is some people out there with worse off situations than me. But this is why I am tired all the time it seems.

My routine begins the night before.

I lay out the clothes for Richie, and myself. Iron my uniform if needed.
I get Nicholas's clothes and put them in a bag along with diapers wipes, snacks, sippy cups, and shoes. Also some small toys.

In the morning of my work day I get up at 5:30 get myself dressed curl my hair, makeup and get my lunch bag together. 2 bottles water my snacks for work usually cheese or almonds etc.
Usually it's 6:00 by no so I wake up Gianna, and Richie. G gets herself dressed. I dress Richie brush teeth find his shoes, jacket etc.

Come down stairs get all the bags load them in the truck. Total usually 5 bags.
Start the truck so it's nice an warm for the kids.

Go back upstairs. Get Nicholas change his night time diaper. Put a beenie on him a jacket wrap him up, and head out the door.

Now the home stretch. Drop off G at my mom's house. Drop off Nicholas at the sitters. Get all his bags out switch the car seat to her car. Get back in my car drop off Richie at preschool check him in.

Go around the block to work, and clock in for the day. All this by 6:45 am. We are usually a well oiled machine on my work days. Just typing this out makes me tired.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

As seen on TV

Yes I want the strap perfect straps. Heck if it'll give me a bigger boob size I am all for it.

Yes there is things on the TV that I want. I want this. Bump it.
haha I guess I watch too much TV. If I want these things.

Things I am afraid of....

I am afraid of butt dialing. Like I have done twice to poor Belinda early in the morning.

I am afraid also of texting and pushing the wrong contact on accident. I tend to flirt with my hubby through text. I am afraid someday BiBi will get some flirty text. LOL

I am afraid of bats in the cave aka a booger hanging out.

I am afraid of the really big earthquakes.

My next math class.

That I keep having a reoccurring dream about my hubby dying. Yeah it's happened a few times.

The estimate from G's orthodontic consultation today. I am afraid I will have to cut off and arm and leg for braces.

I am afraid of the crying that I will hear from Nicholas later on. We are getting rid of the bottle.

That's about it for now.

Monday, March 2, 2009

One can wish!

One can wish can't they. That someday I may be able to wear a bikini again, and not have a gut hang over it. And to wear one so cute.
If you are so lucky you can buy it here.

Operation Sock Monkey

I think for Nicholas 2nd birthday, I will do a sock monkey theme. I saw these really cute plates at a birthday catalog. Then the idea got balled into a sock monkey idea.

I love sock monkeys I think they are so cute.

Any other ideas from anyone else on what I can do?

New & Old Toys

Umm do you think my kids have too many toys? Yeah I know that chest is about to burst. That is one of two that was made by my grandfather. The other one is in the boys room.
This is the rocking horse that he made Gianna when she was little. She could get across the room with that horse. Now the boys use it.
And the new horsies. The radio flyer was courtesy of Costco the last one they had. The little zebra not a horse but Nicholas loves it.

And yeah I still have no furniture in my living room. But I am cool with it.

OH NO! Bills

Yes it's OH NO here! In order to get my finances in check I will be letting go my housekeeper. BOO HOOO! I changed my phone plans. Who needs so much on your home phone when I make most of my calls on the good old cell phone.

I called those pesky credit cards and told them I am tired of them, and want to pay off my bill asap. So they should try to help me out and give me a better rate. They're answer was well you are in good standing so I can't change your rate. So if I get this straight those who want to pay off their bills and be responsible will get NO HELP at all. But those who default can get some help. WTH!

So they suck in general. Thank you economy you are not the best. I am trying to be good here I really am. I don't want to be one who calls it a day and claims bankruptcy but damn help a girl out.

No I am not gonna claim it we are OK, but makes you think huh?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

DUH! I forgot my winner!

Yes I am finally announcing my winner to the magazine give away. And that winner would be!

Wait for it! Tiburon. Go check out her fantastic blog here.Thanks Tiburon for playing! You rock. I know I have your email somewhere, off to find it, and tell you the good news!

Marriage in Review?

Way back when, the now hubby and I attended classes before we got married in the church. We had to take tests, have weekends at the church camp. We attended classes, went over different aspects in our views on life, and marriage. I remember taking a quiz. It had so many questions. For the life of me I can not remember the questions but they had to deal with children, money, living arrangements etc. It's funny to think that if we tried something like there is no way we would have ended up together. How nerve racking it was when we had to go over our results with the Father of the church. ahhh!

But of course now after almost 10 years we have come to agree, and agree to disagree on many things. It's working out good. I wish I could find those tests and review them now. I wonder now if we would be matched up together?

Baby Shower!

This is my sister in law Priscilla. We had a baby shower for the new little lady we are expecting.
My nephew asking if the presents are for him or me?
NO presents for me so he takes off on his little bike.

Pretty soon our new addition will be here. I can't wait! They are not telling me the name. So I have to keep calling her baby girl.