Friday, September 25, 2009

Thanks a lot legs!

So I have been trying to be faithful to my treadmill or running outside if the hubby is home. I did a great run today on the treadmill. Thanks to music, and my ipod which I love. Here I am about to change out of stinky clothes, and what do I see.....

The back of my legs. They are starting to resemble cottage cheese. WTH? I am being good, why must you do me like that?

Please legs, please cooperate, and not go down the path of cheesy-ness. Why o' why?

Let's make a deal, I will run, and eat better, and you will not resemble cheese. K!


BiBi said...

That's why I started walking the in the mornings now (I make hubby go with me to the park). Don't think that because I am very skinny it can't happen to me!
Ekk! I just hope it goes away!