Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Fun

Pictures of my kiddos having fun in our little rinky dink pool. To bad we have to wait until 5 p.m. to use it. Today 108 with 51% humidity. I am not going out side today. I may become nocturnal this summer.

Phone Abyss??

I had to buy new phones. I have to admit that the old ones were lost in the abyss of the house. I do have the little phone locate thing but when the battery dies on the phone it doesn't work . So what did we do take a little trip to Fry's and buy some new ones. Hopefully this time they can stay put. But who knows things have been knows to get lost in this house.

House phones
Cell Phones
Camera Battery
Hair Clips

All gone. Who knows where. I suspect the boys toy boxes.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Muffin Top

ok This is not me above. But it could have been to some degree. I am proud to announce though not anymore. Thanks to a man with a handy dandy scalpel my muffin top is gone.

Anyone who is reading this and doesn't know ME. I am a fairly thin person. Would I like to loose a few more lbs sure who wouldn't. But there was no way with all the sit ups and dieting that stretch marks or 2 inches of skin was going to go away magically.

Well now it has. No more muffin top for me. When my incision heals up a bit more I will post some pics but for now, I am a happy camper.

Is surgery for everyone probably not, but for me it was.

Ballet Recitial

My baby girl had her 2nd recital. She did really well. Included in the pics is Yasmin. She is really growing up. She was very sure of herself on stage and did not hesitate at all. I am very proud of her.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Things I am annoyed by right now is,

These 2 drains I have in my belly. Yes I know they serve a purpose but lately that purpose is to annoy me.

Richie my hubby saying to me let me drain your balls (aka drains). Haha he thinks he is funny.

Not being able to take a shower.

A funky abdominal binder I have to wear. It is making me itch so bad.

Not being able to take a shower.

Not being able to yell at the kids properly for beating each other up. It hurts to yell.

So bored in bed I am watching QVC. I think I wanna buy a new special value.

Can't wait till tomorrow drains come out. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hooray for Boobies

I admit it. I find it hard to believe that if you know me in real life you would not think I had some work done. How could I not pass off size C cups when I lived in A valley? Well I am now a resident of C town. Woot Woot.

I had them done last Friday, it was the best 30th Birthday present to me. Yes it hurts a bit more uncomfortable than anything else. I also threw in a tummy tuck for funsies.

There is no way no matter how many sit ups I did the 2 inches of flab was not going to budge or the stretch marks. So I did that too.

So as I type this I have drains and tubes and a funky girdle thing going on. Hopefully in the end I will feel and look better. :)