Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flu Flu Go Away....

So I am done I need to post a white flag outside my door saying I surrender.

I surrender to the phlegm and the coughing. The fevers, and sore throats. The body aches, and chills.

To giving Tylenol around the clock to little ones who fight and squirm. To crying and whining. I am done I surrender.

I am tired I am beat up, and I think I could sleep in my bed for a week. Only after I wash my sheets because all my hacking and coughing at night I am sure they are full of germs.

Anyways, the plague has hit our home from kid to kid. I wanna feel better NOW!

I want a nap..... yawn!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ER Nurses day

Here is link to how we celebrated ER nurses week this year. My hubby being the director still, was eager to show his nurses how much he appreciated them. They got free make up and a back pack, goodies in the bags, and raffles too for gift cards etc.

Life as Nicholas

Nicholas funny. He truly is a snake charmer. He can smile and hug his way through almost anything. I blame my weakness on him being the baby.

Anyways Nicholas as we know it.

Power my butt.
Also known as powder my butt. He is one kid who requests powder on his butt every diaper change.

This morning he asked for dirget dirget dirget. I was like huh? Well turns out he wanted Yogurt.

He yells ,and fights when it's time for bed. Until you mention that you'll put on Bob the Builder DVD, and then all is right in the world ,and he'll go to bed no fuss.

He jumps off the couch like a baby evil knievel. Trying to fly as he says.

He has a better appetite than any of the other kids, and will eat everything. From sushi to chicken salad heck he'll even try salsa. Until he says hawt hawt hawt. (hot)

He runs like the wind. And I even have to wrangle him up from running in the street etc.

Anyways he is a good boy who brings me joy and laughter.

Annual Halloween Party

We had a blast at our Halloween party this year. The kids carved pumpkins, and ate, We had cupcakes, and drinks.

I love all the pumpkins and the parents who helped to carve them. Because we know we adults actually do the dirty work, and gut pulling from the pumpkins.

Anyways, I will continue to have this party as long as my kids want it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking forward to it !

I am looking forward to having a night alone with the hubby this weekend. We are going to a hospital function that happens to be at a new casino this coming weekend. I am so happy. :)

I am so happy the weather although warm during the day is great in the evenings with temps in the 70's.

To finally being done with any that involves anesthesia. The boys made it through just fine. Although Richie is still sore which is understandable.

To being able to wear a coat again, and sweaters.

To baking I love baking and keeping the house warm with goodies in the oven warmth.

To buying a cocktail dress for the upcoming parties, and banquets we have coming up. I love a good cocktail dress. And of course the shoes.

What are you excited for or looking forward to?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shopping addiction fed.

Being that I am working my tail off. I bought my self some boots, as I mentioned before and some jeans, and a sweater and a shirt. Yeah I went a little nuts. But hey I did get the purse free thanks to the coupon I had for DSW.

So here is a pic, of my purchases, well some of them.

Random Kid Pics.

My Kids being silly enjoying some ice cream outside on their swing set.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for...

I am thankful finally feeling better.
My kids and the joy they bring me.
Having health care available to us so readily.
Drugs, no not the bad ones the ones that helped me get over my bug.
The weather being beautiful.
Some money in my pocket, and a coupon for shoes. :)
My hubby, he drives me crazy at times but I love him.
My mom watching my kids in a few weeks so I can have some alone time with said husband.

Hope you have a great week.

Tag Your It!

A: Addiction: Crushed ice
B: Breakfast: Eggs or Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds
C: Chocolate or Chips: Chocolate.
D: Dessert or Appetizers: Dessert. Forever I have a wicked sweet tooth.
E: Essential Items: lipstick, phone, camera, my purse aka luggage
F: Favorite Color: Red with a close runner up of black.
G: Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: I don't eat them at all. But if I had to choose worms, I like to put them in oreo pudding.
H: Hometown: Imperial, CA
I: Indulgence: Purses the really expensive ones.
J: January or July: January. The weather here is beautiful then.
K: Kids: Got 3 don't need anymore.
L: Life isn't complete without: My family.
M: Most exciting memory: I don't have too many. I need to make some.
N: Number of Brothers and Sisters:1 brother
O: Oranges or Apples: Apples. Love gala apples.
P: Phobias or Fears: Aliens, they freak me out.
Q: Quote: Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much. Oscar Wilde

Reading:Critical Care Nursing Book. oooh how fun.
S: Summer or Spring: Spring! Spring. Love the weather.
T: Tag 6 people: OK, Steph, Belinda, Sheri, Dani, Katie, Mother Goose.
U: Unknown Fact About Me: I looked like a monkey when I was born.
V: Vacation I want to go on: Rome to see the Vatican.
W: Walking or Running: Both although my body likes walking more.
X: X-Ray or Ultrasound: X-Ray. It's cool to see the bones broken on film or foreign bodies in other cavaties.
Y: Your favorite food: Pizza although it doesn't like me.
Z: Zoo or Bowling: Zoo, My kids love it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I covet these shoes

Is it wrong to really want some shoes. I once said I am a shoe whore. I love shoes. I want to buy them, and plan the outfit around them. I want the shoes to go out, on a field trip, a see me and my cute shoes trip.

These shoes below need to go with me, they need to go out on the town. It's too bad I would probably only wear them once. But I promise Gianna will have some really kick ass shoes when she is older.

The red ones call to me. I think they need to go to a Christmas party.

An Edward of my own.

So I am looking around the Nordstrom store online, and whom do I find??? My very own life size cut out of Edward. Ha Ha. Or Jacob if you prefer. I think Gianna would just die if I bought this for her. Die from happiness.

How do you do it in your house?

So how do you do it in your house? Christmas I mean. Do you buy or a set amount for each child. Or just one really good gift?

With economic times, I don't think we will be doing heavy duty expensive gifts this year. I think I will follow the 3 wise men's rule, and each child will receive 3 small gifts.

Really my kids don't NEED anything at all. They have a house over their heads, clothes on their backs, and food in their tummies. Most I can say for some kids these days.

I do think at times the meaning of Christmas is lost on little ones. This year I will do my best to remind them it's Jesus's birthday, and not a day of presents alone.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

We are biggies here when it comes to Halloween. I am embarrassed to say I currently have 6 of those storage tubs in my front room, waiting. All full of Halloween decorations. We have been putting some up a little at a time. The wind was not cooperating this weekend, and I was not about to chase ghosts, and goblins who blew down the street.

So we are also having a big party for the kids. Complete with pumpkin carving, games, and of course food.

I hope the kids enjoy it. I hope to scare a few kids, also and have some fun.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Best Diet Ever..

Yeah this week I found the best diet ever. It's called a stomach bug. That kind that makes you lose 6 lbs in a few days. The kind that makes you scared even to drink water. Yeah that was me this week.

I can tell you since Monday night I have not had a real meal. I have had some bread and water. And thanks to the hubby, a nice IV complete with 2 bags of saline here at home. Thankfully the IV perked me up a bit, and also sadly gave me some of my weight back. :(

Anyways here is to hoping I can eat some real food this week.