Friday, August 31, 2007

Our first date

well not a real date but darn it good enough. Thanks heavens for my parents. They watched Gianna, and Richie so the Mr. and me could go watch a movie. We saw Balls of Fury yeah not the best movie but hey we got to get out. Of course we took the little one because he has no sense of schedule and needs to be breastfed when he darn well pleases.

It's nice to get out once in a while even if it's only a couple of hours. When you become a mom with more than a few kids a trip to Target with out any of them becomes a mini vacation. Long gone are the days when you could just pick up and go out. Now you have to make sure you have a diaper bag packed snacks are in place diapers are stored now for 2 kids. Sippy cups wipes etc. You get the idea. I love my kids but I am slowly loosing my mind too. LOL

I have come to realize I know more about spongebob episodes than what is going on in politics or the news. I can recite spongebob songs but Lord help me if you ask me who's in the senate.

Oh the joys of motherhood.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

random thoughts

Well we have come to the realization that we are going to need a bigger dinette set. So off we go this morning to look at the over priced stores we have here in town. So some I really like but I have to remember I have 3 small children and we don't need anything that has fabric on the seat. So search and search saw one at Costco very nice price but a tad dark. I love costco the prices the stuff it's all great.

Gianna is adjusting well to school I think it's all the new-ness of school that makes her want to do her homework and pack her lunch in the morning. I am sure by 2 more weeks the novelty of school will wear off.

Richie is still looking for his sister through out the day. I have to remind him that she is at school. He is doing well though since big Richie is here to play with him. Last night he actually slept in his own be in his room. He slept in till 9:30 this morning couldn't believe it.

Nicholas is an eating machine he must be having a growth spurt or something he wants to nurse all day long lately. His favorite sleeping spot is on my chest and hates to be put down. They say you can't spoil a child, but this boy is spoiled already. And that is fine by me. :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

1st day of school

There is something to be said about your daughter attending the same elementary school as you did. Most of the buildings are the same, with the addition of some new trailers to accommodate all the students they have now. I like the fact that I live in a small town. Her teacher grew up her as well as lives down the street from the school too.
I asked Gianna if she was excited today about her first day she said she was nervous. My poor little girl has no classmates from last year in her class so she has to start new. The only exception is a little boy whom she's gad a crush on since Kinder. It was funny. I/we were late I have to get use to getting up early again I guess. Bad mommy. Well a few minutes late so we walk in everyone is seated. The teacher looks at her and I and says I know your whole family. I introduce Gianna , and she begins to look for her seat. Lord behold her seat is next to Dylan her little crush. He taps the desk next to him to show her where it was at. Oh my gosh I had a smile on my face and so did Gianna. So knowing her she'll need to be moved soon enough for talking but boy it was cute to see her expression.

Richie was utterly bored out of his mind today asking where his TiTi aka sister is. He was quite for a minute I should of know he was up to something sure enough he had gotten into the lotion. Notice the pic and all the spots. I guess his shirt was fitting today.
"I tried to be good but I got bored". Big Richie finished up some work today so he went to the hospital for a bit. I did some last minute shopping for Gianna. In all an eventful day.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

me & cars

Let's just say I am the most unlucky person when it comes to cars and their tires. This past Friday I guess I ran over something in the street and pop there is a hole in my tire. So I drive to my moms house. That is where the kids were at. I am so pissed all I hear is a hissing sound coming from the tire and see a gash in the tire. ugh! Call Richie and tell him about my latest tire bashing incident. He is upset of course. Our tires are not cheap to say the least and now that we have custom tires on the suburban as well as the truck the tires cost about 200.00 each. Ouch to the pocket book.

Let me tell you this is my 4rd tire in 3 years. 1 tire blew out on the way back from the community college. Luckily my brother came to my rescue to change it. 2nd tire blew out I hit the curb in the truck on our vacation in San Diego that was fun to change plus Richie had locks on the wheels so it made it that much harder. 3rd tire in the mall parking lot, this time we have AAA but he doesn't have the right lug nut for our particular wheel which makes a quick tire change a 2 hr. event. 4th tire well read above.

I think AAA loves me and my business. LOL

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Call me Vain...

Yep I said it I am vain. I can't believe how much weight I need to loose thanks to my beautiful baby boy , and all the yummy food I gorged on while pregnant. I know I did this to myself. But dang you would think you have a 8 lb baby count the bag of waters blood etc. I would think I would loose 20 lbs right off the bat nope not happening at all.

I need to loose 40 lbs so that my clothes I bought before Nicholas can be worn again, and not look like they are painted on. Oh the joys of pregnancy. Here's the kicker though I can't really diet because I am nursing and it can affect your milk supply. I need to excercise when I feel up to it still a bit sore from the birth. I just need to loose. OK my rant is over.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The new addition to the family

I am pleased to announce we have a new addition to our growing family. He was born August 11th 6:50 p.m. weighing in at 8 lbs even and 21 inches long. He was perfect. The labor was not too bad quick if I do say so myself.

We went in at 10:30 and things finally started kicking in when my water broke at 3:30. From then on I was in epidural heaven. He was out in three pushes. It really was a nice labor if you can have such a thing. LOL

Little Richie is adjusting he is having a hard time right now. Doesn't want to be by his mama rather be doing his own thing. Makes me feel bad but I know he is getting use to the idea of having a new baby in the house. He needs to remember he is also my baby too. Gianna is doing well helping out and being a good girl. It's weird thinking I am a mother now to 3 kids. I am sure I'll be going crazy for the next few years but look forward to it.

Anyways thanks for looking here is the new little man. Nicholas Edward

Monday, August 13, 2007

First ER trip

Well I knew it was bound to happen the day after we got home from the hospital with Nicholas, Richie had his first accident. It resulted in a trip to the ER. Poor little guy was cruising around the kitchen with his toy guns. He slipped on the tile, and wham I thought for sure he poked his eyeball with the barrel. Nope it had left him alittle gash about 1/2 inch right above his eye.

My poor baby I couldn't jump up and get him so I yelled at my mom to check on him. He cried of course I was worried he needed stitches. So off big Richie my mom and dad go to take him to the ER. Thank heavens he only needed some dermabond to fix his laceration. You know liquid glue for skin.

He moved during the procedure to repair his eye so part of the eye corner was stuck to itself. Poor kid looked like he had a stroke. Now I know it's not funny to joke about those things but that is the best way I can explain how it looked.

Happy to say he's doing much better about it now. Still tells me about his boo boo and the Dr's who fixed it. I really hope this is the last trip to the ER.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Today I had an ob appt. Richie and I both went while my mom watched the kids. I finally made some more progress I am dilated to a 3-4 cm and 80% effaced. Dr. told me if I'd like to go on in and he'll induce me. Well our ob department at our hospital has been swamped really swamped. So there is no beds. Here I am contracting and contracting with no where to go. They are sporadic at best every 8-15 minutes but nothing definitive. So here I am waiting again.

Call me spoiled but I work at the hospital I plan to deliver at and so does Richie so we shold get a private room in my book. So here I will wait until a bed becomes available.

Bags are packed and waiting to go. Let's hope things start picking up tonight.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

the waiting game

Some of you may know I am in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I have become one of those women obsessed with when I will actually go into labor. Lot's of false labor and not much else lately. I think my husband is getting tired of the whines and cries from me about being as big as a house and feeling utterly uncomfortable. Oh well I guess those are the joys of pregnancy.

The kids are not even concerned at the moment of having another little baby in the house. Gianna is helpful and says she is excited. Richie has no clue on the matter he's content playing cars and not a care in the world.

Big Richie plans to take off a month when the baby arrives that will be helpful to say the least. I can't imagine how hard it will be with 3 kids. I admire those with large families I can't even cope at times it seems.

thanks for reading

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

1st Blog

So here is my first blog. Hmm let me think what do I have to say about today. Not much going on woke up early with contractions and being utterly restless. Now my little man has woken up, demands juice and cereal. G is still asleep.

Think I will go to the mall and do some walking hope to get this baby to cooperate other than that just a regular day at the house.