Thursday, September 27, 2007

Busy Busy Bee

With Big Richie's birthday fast approaching I have been busy with last minute stuff to attend to. Had a small dilemma with the bakery regarding the buns that is taken care of though. YEAH! Still working on ordering the cake making sure the linens are there etc. The normal stuff that takes up so much time when you are throwing a party.

Me & Priscilla last night made the centerpieces they came out really nice I thought. I can't wait to see how the whole party turns out.

I gave up on making the cake my first defeat when it comes to cake I just couldn't get it right so I gave up I am so disappointed oh well I have so much more to worry about than baking.

Today hopefully this afternoon is a me day. I am suppose to go get my hair colored and cut. Wish me luck that Richie gets home in time for me to go and not miss my appointment.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I escaped

YEAH for me I got to get out of the house with only 1 baby of course Nicholas and went to the mall.

I needed shoes for my outfit for Saturday. Think Austin Powers spy who shagged me outfit. I actually found a dress that fits and some wanna be go go boots. I think I will do a bee hive hair do and take it from there. I can't wait the little Richie has a preppy look going on from the 80's vans shoes and a Lacoste shirt. Pink of all colors. Big Richie has a Lacoste shirt as well lime green and a swatch watch. LOL Now he just needs some acid wash jeans and he'll be all set.
Gianna still needs a costume or dress going to look tomorrow. And the baby well he's to small so we need to see what we can find.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thoughts from a 2 year old

Big Richie worked last night so little Richie decided to jump in my bed. Nicholas was asleep in his bassinet so we had the whole bed to ourselves to cuddle and hug. I loved it. Well we are watching the "Soup" on E channel. A segment comes on where a boy from Yo Gabba Gabba comes on and the little boy is dancing. Richie immediately recognizes the boy and says

"boy dancing" he claps and points to the tv happy to see the boy

I ask him can you dance for mama like the boy?

His response "no can't dance well"

The boy cracks me up he comes up with sentences I can't believe.

Another funny from Richie...

when asked what do you want to be for Halloween he responds "Bomb Builder"

What I ask again thinking I didn't hear him correctly again he says " Bomb Builder"

He runs to get me the lillian vernon catalog and points to "Bob the Builder"

haha he cracks me up.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Richie's 40th Nostalgia

Yep my husband turned 40 on the 14th. I am planning a major party for him with all the bells and whistles like a DJ, food (I don't have to cook yipee), a hall to have it in and of course the beverages like beer wine soda etc. You get the point.

It's a themed party so I am hopping most people dress up like I worded on the invites. It's a throwback party for the 60,70,80 & 90's. I can't wait.

On Wednesday I went to Staples and made covers of albums my aunt let me use. It was nice to go through memory lane of the bands Richie use to listen to and still does. The albums were the property of my late Uncle Steve who died almost 10 years ago. It makes me sad to think he is gone Uncle Steve and Richie would have gotten along famously. Both listened to 80's Rock Ballads as well as the ever present Journey albums. I miss my Uncle Steve.

But the centerpieces are color copies of the albums and I have bought lot's of table favors from oriental the cheapest place around. I got goofy stuff like the ray ban sunglasses from Risky Business, hippie necklaces, rubix cubes, and slinky's. Disco ball neckalces and such I hope everyone has a good time I am excited.

I am sure in the coming week I will be more crazier than I alreayd am trying to get stuff together.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Waiting Game

Today is the waiting game. Currently we are waiting for the plumber, the carpet man, and the garage door dude.

I just love it when they say we'll be there between 9-12 oh the joys. I get to spend my day wiating for them to come fix the list we have compiled for them.

Atleast I do not have to pay any of them. Since we are still under new home warranty. Amen for that.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Crying= Drinking just kidding

There is some things I can't stand in this world of mommy-hood, and one of them is non stop crying or whining. Call me a bad mommy I don't care but there is something to be done when your 2 year old stops talking and decides to whine or cry all day.

I know many will say it's the new baby and he is protesting. Yes this may be true but we have tried to oodle him with all the attention, and praise a parent can give with no luck. What happened to my easy going bay boy, he has been infected by the crying bug. I want my normal baby boy back. Above is a crying baby bottle opener, if the crying continues it may cause me to drink. LOL
Our day begins with the normal activities followed by crying...
me: do you want cereal or mama to make you some eggs?
Richie: EGGS!
me: OK here are your eggs.
Richie: wah wah it's to hot!
me: let me cool them (insert me trying to cool eggs)
Richie: wah wah wah my cup is too heavy!
me: WTH thinking to myself? cup to heavy ???
everything is a struggle or battle all this while I am trying to nurse Nicholas.
He than proceeds to throw down some juice his fork and himself on the kitchen floor.
Darn those CPS folks and their rules. Kidding I would never beat my child but boy does it sounds appealing today.
Did I tell you it's barely 8:10 a.m. yeah my day is turning out great. I love being a mom.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mexican Martha Stewart?

ok pun intended but I refer to my mom and myself as the mexican Martha's trying to sew bake and cook creating our own wreaths, and handmade gifts around the holidays.
So lately my new obssesion has been with baking. I have made the kids cakes before granted they are not the best decorated cakes but it's the effort right? How else can you justify a cake you spent 4 hours on hoping your child will love it although they are so young they probably won't remember it anyways.

Here are some of the previous cakes by me.

This year I am attempting to make my husband cake for his 40th birthday wish me luck it should look something like this after I am done. I think I can do it maybe I have been looking at this website too much about cake who knows. Cakes Wish me luck. I think I can I think I can.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ballet & more

Gianna once again has decided she wants to start ballet tonight was here first class. She enjoyed it but said it was tough and her legs felt sore. Go figure for being 7 she shoudl be in the best shape of her life guess not. Otherwise she had fun.

Also tonight was back to school night we met her teacher he seems excited about teaching and is fairly young comes from the same small town too. It's nice to know who the teachers are.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Made it

I have been feeling bad we haven't been to church in a month since the birth we finally made it there today. We have a new father in the church, he seems like he is really in to the gospel. He'll raise and lower his voice loud enough to get your attention if it seems you are dozing off.

Gianna was signed up for cathecism today. I don't know about other churches but you have to pay/donate for cathecism. I was worried that we didn't have enough cash and of course I didn't bring my check book but luckily we had enough on us and she was signed up. She was excited she knows her teacher already.

Little Richie had a free for all with anyone elses toys in the baby/cry baby room as I call in in church. A little girl was taking his cars but luckily he didn't complain he actually shared I was so proud.

that's about it I am a football widow today Big Richie is out watching the game while I try to manage all 3 kids yeah me..........

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Picture Outakes

It's a chore trying to get everyone of the grandchilren to take a picture together. Inserted in the chaos is my mom.
I thought this pick of Richie and Jaime was hilarious my brother and Priscilla bought the pacifier at Spencer's.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Family pics

Thought I would show you some picture of my brother Jaime, and sister in law Prsicilla. This little man here is name Jaime as well. He will be 6 months soon. He is the happiest baby on the block. As you can see he's a big boy already out grew his infant carrier seat and is in a regular car seat now. I can't wait Richie and Jaime will most likely attend school together and probably get into lot's of trouble when they are older.

Monday, September 3, 2007

red headed step child....

just kididng he isn't my step child but how the heck did my newest child Nicholas wind up with red brown hair? It amazes me my husband had light brown almost red hair when he was younger he tells me. I am in shock my little man has light skin light hair looks red in the sunlight. My other children have dark features had dark black hair when they were born. This is a suprise. I must admit it looks very cute on him though.

He has such personality already. He a talker coos and grunts especially if he doesn't like the postition he is in. He looks around at everything granted his sight is still fuzzy at this stage but his stare is very intense. He is a great nurser well maybe too good he's already gained a couple of pounds last time weighed was 10 lbs even. He is getting a double chin already I love it, when their rolls fill out.

He definely is a night owl. Lately favorite time to wake is about 4 am loves to look around nurse and generally stays up to make his mama sleep deprived. Hopefuly he'll be able to sleep more than 2 hrs at a time so I can get some rest.

that's about all for now on Nicholas