Sunday, September 23, 2007

I escaped

YEAH for me I got to get out of the house with only 1 baby of course Nicholas and went to the mall.

I needed shoes for my outfit for Saturday. Think Austin Powers spy who shagged me outfit. I actually found a dress that fits and some wanna be go go boots. I think I will do a bee hive hair do and take it from there. I can't wait the little Richie has a preppy look going on from the 80's vans shoes and a Lacoste shirt. Pink of all colors. Big Richie has a Lacoste shirt as well lime green and a swatch watch. LOL Now he just needs some acid wash jeans and he'll be all set.
Gianna still needs a costume or dress going to look tomorrow. And the baby well he's to small so we need to see what we can find.