Monday, September 3, 2007

red headed step child....

just kididng he isn't my step child but how the heck did my newest child Nicholas wind up with red brown hair? It amazes me my husband had light brown almost red hair when he was younger he tells me. I am in shock my little man has light skin light hair looks red in the sunlight. My other children have dark features had dark black hair when they were born. This is a suprise. I must admit it looks very cute on him though.

He has such personality already. He a talker coos and grunts especially if he doesn't like the postition he is in. He looks around at everything granted his sight is still fuzzy at this stage but his stare is very intense. He is a great nurser well maybe too good he's already gained a couple of pounds last time weighed was 10 lbs even. He is getting a double chin already I love it, when their rolls fill out.

He definely is a night owl. Lately favorite time to wake is about 4 am loves to look around nurse and generally stays up to make his mama sleep deprived. Hopefuly he'll be able to sleep more than 2 hrs at a time so I can get some rest.

that's about all for now on Nicholas


Kristi said...

He is so cute, Ida. WTG, Nicholas!