Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Computer Time for Pre-Schoolers

So Richie loves to get on the computer too, just like his sister. So lately we have been going to this website. It's free, and has basic games, and stories on it. Richie loves it. He loves making snowmen or pumpkins. He also likes the ABC song.

Family Fun Crafts

So we had fun trying the new crafts from family fun magazine. This is how our crafts turned out.

Yeah they may not look like the magazine but the kids had fun anyways.

Stimulus Money

You get a check , and you get a check yeah we all get a check. Wooohooo!
So some of you who have direct deposit may have received your stimulus check from Uncle Sam.

So whatcha gonna buy? You are suppose to buy stuff according to the White House to help jump start the economy. Most people I know are paying down debt or buying baby items. There has been a new crop of babies within my friends lately.

I was talking to Big Richie about what to do with it. I think I may book our vacation for Disneyland. A freebie from Uncle Sam. Thanks. Or I can pay down debt there is plenty of that. Or buy junk we are always good at that.
Do are children need their own 12 foot water slide for the backyard sure. Do they need a new swing you bet. All kidding aside, I think I just may book our vacation for my marathon in August. The rest will go to bills. Yippe!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Need your Cold Stone Help

So Nurse's Week is coming up. A fun game the hospital is putting on is putting together your favorite Cold Stone combination. It has to relate to nursing as well. Well I am not a big ice cream connoisseur so my fellow readers I need some help. Here is the listing of possible creations. So what do you think willing to help me out with it.

The rules are it could have 2 flavors, and 3 mix in's. So thanks anyone that helps out.

The winning combo will be available at our local Cold Stone Yummy!

Busy Busy

So I have done nothing spectacular this weekend. I did some volunteer work but that was all. It was a lazy lazy weekend. Perfect excuse for me to actually cook something. Or atleast try to cook.

So I gotta say I love Sandra Lee She makes everything look easy to bake or cook. I am a avid fan of her Semi Homemade recipes. Makes my life so much easier than making stuff from scratch.

This weekend I was on a roll. I made pulled pork sandwiches. So super easy to do thanks to a crock pot, some OJ, and some BBQ sauce. I love the kraft foods magazine best thing ever when you need a fast recipe.

I also baked a scrumptous strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. Oh it's like pink heaven on a fork. Yeah I was super bad, and had some oh well I'll run some more on the treadmill. LOL

Sunday, April 27, 2008

No air condtioning ahhhhh!

So it's been hovering around the 90's here lately. I hate where we live at times.

Anyways my dad came out the other day to take a look at our a/c. The dog had chewed some wires so we needed it looked at before we started it for the summer season. Well when he came he fixed the wires and woohoo it was working great.

Well go to put it on yesterday no a/c. AHHHH! (Insert a melting Ida here). It was terribly hot. So my dad comes out again. Takes a look at it no luck. He can't figure out why it's not working now. So no a/c that night.

The next day he has a friend who really works on a/c to take a look. Yeah thank heavens he was able to fix it. It needed a relay wire to the thermostat. So now we have a/c I am sitting in cool comfort as we speak.

Other things I did this weekend except melt was some volunteer work at a Children's festival. I went to help out the breastfeeding coalition. I was suppose to help set up. But we had no gear or paper work to help set up so it was a slow start. About 15 minutes before the festival was suppose to start the stuff started to show up and magically we had a booth stocked set up and ready to go.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today was a horrible horrible horrible day. Did I mention it was horrible.

So today I am thankful I didn't rip any one's head off at work.

I am thankful I was only mildly sarcastic when the Dr asked me a stupid question.

That my hubby brought me a passion tea lemonade from starbucks.

That I was able to run when I got home and cleared my head.

My weight loss journey

I forgot to post that the weight loss pool I was in ended. I clearly was not the winner. I did however manage to lose 13 lbs. I still have 11 lbs to go. My goal is still 120. It's not too low for my height it's just right.

So hopefully now that I am exercising the rest of the weight will start to come off. No excuses but while nursing I tend to hold on to 5lbs. So when the little man is done hopefully that will come off as well.

So here's to hoping it'll all be off by his birthday. I have till August 11th. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

OK I whine about a lot of things. But I do appreciate the little things as well.

So my wonderful thoughts about Wednesday are:

Today I saw an older couple biking in town. They were serious bikers had their packs attached to the bikes, and a trailer. In the trailer was the cutest little dog just happy to be along for the ride.

I love that my little town is renovating the downtown area. They have flower beds, they put new colored stamped cement sidewalks. Makes the town look great.

I know this sounds like thankful Thursday, and yes it sort of is. But I am trying to stop and smell the roses you can say. I am trying to take in my surroundings as well.

National Clean out the Panty Drawer Day

I am declaring this the National Clean Out Your Panties Drawer Day!

You know I work in an emergency room. You know I am a nurse. Haven't you ever heard your mama say you better wear clean under wear because you never know. Well I am the person that knows.

Anything in your drawer that is stained, the elastic is coming loose, ripped, covered in some sort of God only knows what. It's gotta go! You which ones I am talking about. Period panties, the granny white tent looking ones, yeah those they gotta go too.

Now go clean out your drawers. It is for the benefit of yourself as well as others.

I mean this with love and respect. I did clean out my drawers as well. I was all too happy to take myself to Victoria's to buy me my 5 for 25.00 deal. Gotta love cute under wear.

OK my rant is over. Thank you for looking at my PSA or public service announcement.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Off the Stripper Pole

Funny title huh let me explain.

Gianna got her report card last week. She did really well. She got 13 E's and 5 S+. She is doing exceptionally well. I am very proud of her. I told her if she received all E's she would get a mani/pedi.

Yes this is a big thing to her. She is a bit of a girly girl. So a mani/pedi would be heaven to her. I was talking with my BFF Angela she was saying her daughter did well but could have done better etc. Know what I mean. Well that got us to talking about our expectations of our daughters.

I told her as long as I keep her off the stripper pole or off the streets, my job is done. Is that wrong to not have huge expectations for your daughter?

Of course I would be happy overjoyed if she was a Dr, a lawyer ,a teacher ,a nurse. I really don't care though if she wants to be a SAHM. I want her to be happy. My boys same thing if they are out of prison or a gang. Yeah me!

I know my kids will make their own decisions when they are older and will need to live up to those decisions. But I will do my best to keep her off the pole.

Gianna is so cute though everyday her occupation changes some days she wants to be a ballerina, a teacher, a dentist, a nun. It's great!

Guess what ethnicity I am

Lately while at work I have been getting many questions as far as my ethnicity goes. Yes some of you who read here know where my family originates from. But lately I have gotten Mexican, Indian, Filipino, or African American.

So can you guess by my pictures? Or there's a hint if you have read this blog long enough.

I really don't care when people get it wrong. I have come across people in my day who were offended if you spoke Spanish to them instead of English or vice versa.

I don't care just don't mistake me for a guy and we're cool.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Summer Movies

My kids love the movies. Yes even Richie is loves his popcorn and mini drink. So my kids are looking forward to the movies coming out soon.
I hope they enjoy them. I love going to the drive in to see movies. Yes I think we are one of the few places that still has a drive in theater. The kids loving watching movies under the stars.

OH Nicholas

Some say you get one of everything when you have a baby. At least that is the way my family sees it.

Anyways Gianna was my sweet little girl. Richie was lovable and playful. Nicholas is a little terror on all fours. OK maybe not a terror, but since he learned to crawl this past week he is into everything.

He unlike my other children sees cords, electrical plug ins and immediately goes straight to them. Yes my house is baby proof, but he is into everything. He pulls things down from the couch. He gets into my diaper bag and launches everything out.

He is too cute. I am on my toes with this little guy.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Don't I look fabulous!

Well if I only looked like Jessica Alba or had her body woohoo. Well atleast I can have her hair. Go to instyle magazine website. You can try out different hair styles. It was fun even different hair colors.

Friday, April 18, 2008

In search of..

The first picture is what scrubs are today. I am guilty of wearing the new type uniform. The pants and a regular shirt. We were given 2 sets for Christmas from our ER doctors.

When I graduated from nursing school. I was happy to wear the traditional white nurse dress, and the nurse cap. Call me nerdy but I am excited when nurse week comes around. Our hospital has many activities and you can wear your traditonal nurse outfit.

Some ladies wear the old style type like the 1940's. Some wear the new style white shirt dress. But they all wear their nurse caps. This year I think I might participate and where the traditional white dress.

I wish I could find a pic from my graduation. I am thinking about bringing back the dress to nursing. It's sort of harder to do in the ER, and we wear hunter green. So if anyone finds a hunter green scrub dress let me know. Thanks.

Well shoot!

Some how I am notorious for running over things. I have replaced 2 tires on our new suburban alone. It isn't even a year old yet.

Well some way some how, I managed to run over something that looked like a metal snail. It was hard and embedded in my back tire. So Richie being the good husband he is took the bus in. Well the shoot part is 600.00 dollars later. I have 1 new tire and new sensors on the bus. He swears I need curb guards on our suburban aka the bus.If you don't know what they are, look at the pic. They should make my suburban more ghetto fabulous. It already has 22 in rims now he jokes he wants to put on curb feelers. Ha ha yeah right!

So anyways, the tire is fixed. Here's to hoping I don't need a new tire again anytime soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Well this is thankful Thursday no picture though. Computer having issues. Go figure.

1. I am thankful for anyone who watches my children. I am so thankful I have a stable baby sitter now. That takes so much stress away knowing my kids are watched properly.

2. I am loving American eagle, and the new clothes I got for super cheap.

3. I am thankful I am finally feeling better. I had the flu for a week no fun at all. I was miserable!

4. I am thankful that Nicholas is growing up. Well all my kids for that matter. I am blessed to have healthy happy children. Nicholas learned to wave Hi and crawl this week.

5. I am thankful for subway and your $5 foot long subs. Thanks I didn't have to make dinner tonight. Yeah me!

Pope Visits US

This morning I was able to watch mass via CNN. The pope seriously is like a super star. He has some fashion sense ( see shoes above) who else can get away with red shoes. LOL

Mass was wonderful to watch. They had so many beautiful singers from all the over the country.

I was happy he addressed the scandal of sexual abuse in the church. I must say I was peeved when I had heard a few years ago about the abuse. I can't even imagine. I hope now him mentioning it in mass will help to those who were abused to heal.

I hope some day to take the kids to Rome to visit , and hopefully attend a mass with the Pope as well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To Much Time on my Hands

More Funny Pictures

So fun ones.

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Funny Picture Graphic Comments

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Myspace Funny Picture Comments

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Myspace Funny Picture Graphics

Motivational Posters yeah you know the ones

Yes Iknow you have seen them. I first saw them on Mindi's page thanks Mindi.

Free Stuff

Yep that's right Mindi is doing a monthly give away on her blog. Nothing to do except leave a comment on her blog. She really is a funny gal, with a interesting blog to read. Go check it out. Maybe you will win some free stuff.

Music Swap

I spent a good part of my morning making my mix tapes. Thank you Tiburon and Mindi .

I felt so junior high school. Maybe elementary school. I remember being cheap and waiting for "thee" song to come on the radio so you could record it straight from the radio. Only to have the DJ announcer guy jack it up and yell out the call letters of the station too early in the song.

I remember when I was younger a boy made me a mix tape. I still remember the song he wanted me to hear so bad. It was by The Cure Just Like Heaven. ahh 7th grade memories.

So it was fun to make a mix tape of the 80's so my fellow bloggers can listen. I sent mine out yesterday. Be on the look out Mindi.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ballerina Girl

Gianna had her recital pictures done today. Of course mama had to take her own camera. I love the outfit. She loves ballet. I love that she loves the tutu the bun the make-up she loves it all.

She is such a girly girl. I never took classes when I was younger. I am happy that we can afford to send her to classes.

They say with each child

You take less pictures. I must say I have been lacking in the professional picture department. I remember taking professional pics of G every 3-4 months when she was little. Richie got lumped together with Gianna in pictures. I think I have 2 sets of him alone.

And my poor Nicholas, he has none. I have yet to take a professional shot of him. I know bad mommy. I am tempted to take him to Walmart for some quickie ones. I am being cheap yes I am. Every time I take pictures at kiddie kandids. I end up spending an arm and a leg.

So this week think I will be a good mom and get him his own pictures.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Wish/Want List

Yes, I am like a little kid. I love birthday presents. Since my birthday is fast approaching ahhhh the big 29. Makes me sick thinking about it. 30 is around the corner. Anyways before I get in a rant about my age there is a few things I would want/wish for.

I am sad to say my IPod died a few days ago. Rest in peace Ipod you did me good. So it's time I upgraded to a new nano. I want a 8 gb one this time around. I bought myself a nike

So now I need another nano.

I also want this purse. I love it so much but promised myself I wouldn't get it till I lost all the weight I gained with Nicholas.

I also want shoes. I love shoes but am too cheap to buy the ones I really want. I really like Steve Madden shoes. But the cheapo in me won't pay the prices. C'mon Macy's I need a sale.

I guess I want big things this year. I am sad to say for Big Richie's wallet. Will he buy me the purse highly doubtful. Highly! Will he buy the Nano I am sure he will. Will I get some cute little new shoes. I am sure I will.

Now to next month dum dum dum, and my birthday.

Old Fashioned Ida

I love me a hand written note. I love getting mail other than bills. I also love sending cards or notes etc. I found the cutest little cards for Gianna, and her lunches called lunch notes. I even got them on clearance from my favorite store Target. Gotta love target.

Next on my wish list for all things stationary is from here. I am like a kid in the candy store. I want a stamper, new note cards. I want it all.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Running Blog

I have made a running/triathlon blog. I hope to put in my runs and whatever nifty I find out there too. I hope it gives me some accountability when it comes to my running.

So if you'd like to check it out some times I will place a link on the side.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Triathlon Wish List

OK my Peeps any thoughts or advice on this starter pack? I am a novice here a super green one. Looking to get the most for my money before I sink big dollars, and don't even know if I like it. Let me know your thoughts please. The whole kit and kaboodle is around 999.00


8 Month Nicholas

Today my baby boy is 8 months old. Oh my the time is flying by. I am so sentimental when it comes to my babies. I love that he lets me hold him and cuddle for ever. He laughs at the silliest things. His smile is so sweet with his 4 little teeth.

He can semi crawl now. He yells and screams just like his siblings. He does not look like my other kids very much. He is fair skinned , tame hair not like the other kids. He is super tall for a baby. He hates peaches but loves peas.

We are still breastfeeding, he doesn't want to stop that is for sure. The boobs are his breast friends. I would love to stop but the little man says no.

Before I know it he'll be a year old. My gosh.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I think I love my wife

Have you seen this movie?

I am flipping through the channels, and happened upon this movie it has Chris Rock in it. He is in the club with these girls. His wife is at home checking his pockets, and search engine trying to see what he has been up to. I think he wanted to just get away.

I have to admit sometimes I wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. I am not talking seeing other people, I am talking about no kids. Just me and Richie when we could just pick up and go. I will admit it, I miss it.

I also come home to my kids with all the giddiness one can posses. I miss my kids when I am gone. I like being home with the kids, but mommy needs a moment too.

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for the little things.

I am thankful for losing most of my weight so I bought myself some clothes.

I am thankful for finally feeling almost better. This flu bug has kicked my butt the last week.

I am thankful that Gianna is loving ballet, and eager to have her recital in a couple of months.

I am thankful for the new shed we bought. I am happy to finally clean out the garage.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gianna's 8th Birthday

Getting a good whack at the pinata. Go Gianna!
Nina Angie helping out opening the gifts.
A happy Nicholas with his Godfather Bryan.

I am so pleased with Gianna she is growing up to be such a fine young woman. Yes we have our differences at times. But she is a joy to have as a daughter. I am blessed to have her in my life. I hope she continues to look to us for support and guidance. I joke she is 8 going on 28. I really hope she doesn't grow up too fast. I still want my little girl. She might not let me buy her gymboree anymore. She only wants limited 2 and no more baby clothes. But to me she will always be my baby girl .

Gianna's 8th Birthday

Gianna's High School Musical Birthday Cake. I can not believe my baby girl turned 8.
Pinata Fun! She had a great time whacking the pinata.
Even Richie got in on the pinata action.
Candy carnage. A free for all!
My Dad helping Richie get some candy too. Gianna

Relay for Life

Big Richie was captain of a team this year. His team managed to raise over 2 thousand dollars for cancer research. He was hoping to win best camp site, and mission statement. He only won mission statement. But I was proud of him his decorations came out great, and were hand made in our backyard.

Classic Richie

Nothing better than room service . Richie was enjoying himself and his eggs. He cracks me up.

Waiting and rolling his eyes. He is 2 going on 22. Big Richie was trying to put together those lovely cars you get at Ruby's diner.
Never ask your husband to bring your son a lollipop when on the road. This is what he got.

He was in lollipop heaven.