Monday, April 14, 2008

My Wish/Want List

Yes, I am like a little kid. I love birthday presents. Since my birthday is fast approaching ahhhh the big 29. Makes me sick thinking about it. 30 is around the corner. Anyways before I get in a rant about my age there is a few things I would want/wish for.

I am sad to say my IPod died a few days ago. Rest in peace Ipod you did me good. So it's time I upgraded to a new nano. I want a 8 gb one this time around. I bought myself a nike

So now I need another nano.

I also want this purse. I love it so much but promised myself I wouldn't get it till I lost all the weight I gained with Nicholas.

I also want shoes. I love shoes but am too cheap to buy the ones I really want. I really like Steve Madden shoes. But the cheapo in me won't pay the prices. C'mon Macy's I need a sale.

I guess I want big things this year. I am sad to say for Big Richie's wallet. Will he buy me the purse highly doubtful. Highly! Will he buy the Nano I am sure he will. Will I get some cute little new shoes. I am sure I will.

Now to next month dum dum dum, and my birthday.


Tiburon said...

That is the cutest bag. I say go for it! :)