Thursday, April 24, 2008

My weight loss journey

I forgot to post that the weight loss pool I was in ended. I clearly was not the winner. I did however manage to lose 13 lbs. I still have 11 lbs to go. My goal is still 120. It's not too low for my height it's just right.

So hopefully now that I am exercising the rest of the weight will start to come off. No excuses but while nursing I tend to hold on to 5lbs. So when the little man is done hopefully that will come off as well.

So here's to hoping it'll all be off by his birthday. I have till August 11th. Wish me luck!


Mindi said...

i weighed 120 when i was a newborn. how tall are you, 4 feet??
if i didn't like you so much, i would hate you......