Friday, April 11, 2008

8 Month Nicholas

Today my baby boy is 8 months old. Oh my the time is flying by. I am so sentimental when it comes to my babies. I love that he lets me hold him and cuddle for ever. He laughs at the silliest things. His smile is so sweet with his 4 little teeth.

He can semi crawl now. He yells and screams just like his siblings. He does not look like my other kids very much. He is fair skinned , tame hair not like the other kids. He is super tall for a baby. He hates peaches but loves peas.

We are still breastfeeding, he doesn't want to stop that is for sure. The boobs are his breast friends. I would love to stop but the little man says no.

Before I know it he'll be a year old. My gosh.


Julia said...

they are growing up MUCH too fast, aren't they.