Monday, June 30, 2008

I want one!

I saw this on Etsy. I love the name plate and the birthstones you can place for your children. I think I will order one with the kiddies names. And only 25.00 can't beat it.

Random Pics & the Shiner

Richie gave himself a shiner on Saturday. He thought his dump truck was a skate board so he went boom and got a black eye. It isn't puffy just bruised. This kid will be the death of me.

And some random pictures of Nicholas. He is getting so big. He'll be one before I know it.

Would you move here?

That is a picture of lovely Hawaii.

Richie and I were having the conversation that where we live is pretty boring. There isn't much diversity here of people or things to do. I am not saying that Hawaii has a boatload of things to do but the kids can be exposed to many things there.

Richie's parents own a home there they rent out. Richie and I talked about moving there when the lease is up. I think it would be a fun adventure. I have no clue what I would do about our current home in the market we have today. But if it could be done I think I would move even if it's for a few years.

So are we crazy to even think it? Would you make a move like that?

Wii are in the in crowd!

Yep you heard it we finally bought a Wii. We have talked about it for awhile and then went to Best Buy yesterday and got one. We also bought Rock Band. I can't wait to set it up. I also bought a nice new SD card for my camera and a ipod holder so my butt can run with it on my arm.

Richie took the kids to the movies while I cruised the mall. I love getting a good deal. I got a 2 piece track suit for Richie from Puff Daddy P-diddy or what ever he calls himself these days. Retail 59.00 got it for 14.00. I love clearance! Gianna also got some really cute Roxy ballet flats for super cheap as well.

Me I got nothing but some good walking in while I was nice and cool. I love our in door mall.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Been MIA

I have been really busy lately that I haven't had tiem to blog. I am so sorry. I was at work Wed. and Thursday. Work was it usual busy self. Although at times it is starting to slow down a bit. Must be the weather no one wants to go out during the day when the heat is on. You could cook your self outside.

Friday was payday which means it our bi-weekly trip to buy groceries, and other goodies for the house.

I went to a baby shower today, and tonight we are hosting a party here at the house. It's in honor of the most recent nursing school graduates. It should be fun , but work and lot's of clean up after.

Be back later with pictures.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A picture is worth 1000 words

This post of Mindi's had me laughing out loud. It reminded me of a trip my hubby took last year with some buddies. Below is a picture that was taken and my lovely hubby in the back ground.

This picture makes me laugh so hard. I can not believe his buddy is so happy to take a picture with this cute girl/GUY!

Beauty Mark

A sad sad thing has happened. My beauty mark or mole whatever you call it is starting to change a bit. I have noticed it over the last few months. I am so sad. So yesterday I went to the Dermatologist, he recommended that we remove it.

When he said that I kind of expected it but to me my mark is like removing an arm or a leg. Yeah I know it's silly but it's a part of me. I may not have a mark like her

but still I have one just the same. I have to pysch myself up about this. It's removing a part of who I am. I did manage to talk him into just shaving it off so that I can still have the mark. Hopefully it'll work. If I don't take care of it now I may look like the wicked witch from snow white.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Weather YOU suck!

oh today is a nice 113 degrees with a low tonight of 77 degrees. What the hell kind of place do I live in. I so want to move on days like this. I am so trying to talk my husband in to moving some where nice but he doesn't want to.

On days like these we stay in doors unless we have to have to go out. I go shopping at night, for groceries, target runs etc. We play in doors. When we do venture out I let the a/c run in the bus for about 15 minutes trying to cool down the monster it is. I know I waste precious gas by doing it but rather burn up gas then the kids.

My windows are tinted limo black, I even put up sun shades still when we park. You dare not leave a full soda can in the car it will explode. I have had that happen to me. It was the most deafening sound ever. I think it almost popped my ear drum. I swear it.

It will melt crayons in 2 seconds flat, lipsticks will be a goner, and anything plastic will morph into something else.

Today I hate the heat. OH but it's a dry heat like that is suppose to make it any better.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sick Sick Sick

An overwhelming sickness has decided to bless our little home with itself. I am sicker then a dog as well as the hubby. I hurt so much I told my DH I felt I was going to die. I get sick yes but this was really bad. I couldn't even see straight enough this morning.

I have a sore throat and body aches that feel I should have been run over by a truck. A rather large truck. I am so hoping the kids don't get sick as well. Although I am sure that'll be hard to do. They do tend to hang on their mommy like monkeys.

On Friday before the sickness hit it's full potential, we managed to see Zohan. It was funny in it's own crude manner. I would not take the kids to see it that is for sure. Way to much crude humor for little eyes to see.

Other then that being sick gave me a chance to catch up on some reading. I read 3 books in about 4 days. I was hooked. I couldn't help myself.

Here's to hoping the drugs kick in soon. I need some relief.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for everything.

Yes it is possible. I am starting to realize in my old age that I have a very charmed life. So awhile back I renamed my blog. A charmed life. I do lead a charmed life. I have a home, good job, food on my table, some money in the bank. A husband whom I adore kids that I would kill for. I am utterly happy. This moment I am so very content. Will I always feel this way I hope so.

Yes some crap may come along my way some days. But most of my days are great happy fun filled days. I am so thankful. Even when things are not looking so great, I just need to realize others have it so much worse than me. I just need to get over myself.

Play Group Fun

The kids having fun playing and painting.
Richie being his usual anti-social self. The other kids look in amazement.
WEEEEEE Nicholas riding his little scooter. He may not be able to walk but darn it he can roll.
He really gets around.

The end product we made hand and foot prints of all the kids. They painted of course the mommies helped out for the little ones. It was fun. Next month we will brave Wall E the movie together wish us luck. 7 Kids under age 8 woohoo good times.

Beginning Landscaping

So here is the pile of river rocks that needs to be moved. Wanna come help? ( Notice the Big Pimping Bus) Ha I get such stares.
The cleaning of all the old flowers and bushes.

The beginning. You get the idea. I love my little palm trees. Eventually all the rocks will fill in the flower bed. I still have a few more to plant.

And yes that is one huge Guadalupe in the front yard. If I wasn't Mexican enough now you know. Haha. I think it's rather pretty my Tia/Aunt bought it for me. I plan to move it to the back soon. I think people feel the need to bless themselves before they walk in. LOL

Monday, June 16, 2008

Gianna's First Mani/Pedi

We had a deal with Gianna if she got all E's on her report card, she could get a mani/pedi. Well she got all E's except one so I am a push over and got her mani/pedi. She was on cloud nine. She picked out the color. She sat in the chair and had a little massage. She was in girlie heaven. I laughed because the ladies in the shop had something to say when I signed her in. They asked

" You mani/pedi?" No as I point to her. It's for her. Then I hear some whispering in a language I clearly don't understand. I felt like I had to defend why I am giving a manicure to a 8 year old.

So I mentioned it was a special gift for her grades. Then I got some more whispers, and some smiles. Genuine smiles I think not, but oh well.

The other ladies there laughed said now you created a monster. I chuckled yeah I know.

Gianna's Recital

Gianna's recital was great. Don't ask me why all the pictures are a little blurry. I am having issues. But she did well. She had a good time and is eager for next year to start.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy Weekend

Friday Night after doing the household shopping we decided to go to the drive in again. This time we saw the Hulk. So much better then the first one. We loaded up the suburban, made our own popcorn, bought cheap candy from Walmart , and we were off. The kids love going to the drive in. I wish we would have stayed for Zohan but the bunch was getting cranky.

Saturday was Gianna's rehearsal. Oh MY it was long. They had to work out all the kinks. I thought it would take maybe 2 hours or 1.5 hours tops. Nope I was so wrong. 4 hours later we were done. I thought it would never end. So hopefully today they can whip through it. She is the last group to go too.

Also in the night time we had a dinner for my cousin who returned from Iraq. He looks like a baby still. If you saw him you would think he's maybe 15. But nope he's a grown man with a tour under his belt, a new car to reward himself too. We are so proud of him. And very thankful he is home safe.

Today being Father's day we had a luncheon at my aunts house. It was nice. DH is such a cook he made churro's. Yummy sweet sugary goodness. We really didn't buy him anything for father's day. I bought him a card that sings and placed a picture of the kids in it for his office. I think he liked it. He says he wants another lawn mower so think we will go to Sears to pick one up for him.

Other then that I am tired, and think we all are catching a cold again. UGH!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for getting my butt in gear. I did a measly 30 minutes on the TM, but I did it.

For my hubby finally doing his follow up to the big "V". Now hopefully I can take out this darn mirena I have it sucks.

For Gianna being done with school. She did so well this year. We are so proud of her.

For an easy day at work yesterday. Today I am sure karma will kick us in the butt today and the place will be packed.

Sea World

Sea World was fun but packed. I should have known better then to go on a Sunday. It was nice though. The kids had fun. We stayed only a few hours. We have season passes, so we like to pace ourselves. I think we'll go back in a few weeks.

Family Photo Gone Mad

Take one get Richie in to the frame

umm yeah better said than done. He's outta there.

Yelling I don't want to. No he is not hurt just pissed. He would not stay still.

oh man so much for my photo.

Gianna's Award

My Gianna received 2 awards during the ceremonies this week. I am so proud of her. She got one for AR points she read over 200 books in the quarter to receive the award. The other award was for Overall achievement in all studies. She did so well this year. I am so happy. And yes that is the infamous Dylan next to her.

I laugh that boy has been her crush since kinder. They are in constant competition when it comes to awards or points. She is a funny girl.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Please tell me why I am being SO stinking lazy. I just realized I have about 2 months to train for the half marathon. Have I started walking lately NO! Have I started running? NO again. I am tired. I am also mad because I may not meet my goal of losing all the baby weight by the time he is one year old. You can't have a 5 year old, and blame your weight on the baby. LOL OK maybe he isn't 5 but he'll be one, and I have 11 lbs exactly to loose. Now maybe the 11 lbs is far fetched. I would be super excited if I lost 6 of them. But to be real I need to lose 11.

So here's the plan. I will start to run/walk again. I will lay off the Twinkies or whatever is bad in the house. I will drink my water again religiously. I hope to start swimming laps in the city pool soon. I want to get a bike still, but need some cash for that. I don't want just a run of the mill bike in case I decide to do a triathlon still.

Does anyone want to be my trainer. And make sure I get my lazy butt up?

Call me Slacker

So all day yesterday was spent cleaning up clothes etc from our trip. I had clothes to wash things to put away. You get the idea. I also spent a good chunk of it making some important phone calls. All the while playing referee to Nicholas, and Richie. They tend to fight with each other a lot now. If Nicholas crawls up to me Richie is sure to follow and vice versa. Nicholas is funny he'll pinch Richie to get him to move. I want to laugh but don't of course. Even though he is little he has his ways of making you move.

I also made the appointment in San Diego for Richie's dentist. He needs to have sedation as I mentioned before. Well we were all confused with which medication they would use so when we cleared that up we made the appt. Poor baby he'll go 7/8. My wallet will be broke by then too. 900.00 just for the sedation, ouch to him ouch to my wallet.

In other boring news. We did the yard last night. I love our new lawn mower. It's a reel mower. So the grass looks like putting green after it's cut. Looks so nice. Did some weed eating and dug out the old sago palms in the front. I bought new plants for the front landscaping. We bought Mediterranean palm trees. I hope they look nice. So this week more yard work. As well as work work. I work Wed. Thurs. ugh!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Best Parent Ever!

Since I was browsing Diane's Blog I noticed her post about this blog.

I think it's hilarious. OK I suffer from some of the things listed there.

#2 Dumb Names- I wouldn't say my kids have dumb names, but I purposely tried to give Gianna a unique name. Richie's name is Ricardo, a very ethnic name. But named after his Dad. Nicholas I must say is a safe name. He would have been named Greyson but we chickened out at the last minute.

#3 Non White Nannies- Yes for a few months we had a nanny. She was Spanish speaking but where I come from they are a dime a dozen. She just happened to be my aunt but she was our nanny.

#5 Baby Wearing- Yes I am a big advocate of baby wearing. I even have a 80 dollar carrier. Thanks Jaime and Priscilla for buying it as a shower gift. I love my carrier. It has a calavera skull print to it. It's to cute and yes hip.

#6 Ridiculous First Birthday Parties- Yes I am the queen of birthday parties. I really am trying to scale it down but it's so hard. For instance we have had a luau, complete with roast pig. A tea party for Gianna, a movie theatre party for Richie. I do them big. It's my downfall I tend to over do my last parties.

#12 High End Photographers- Yes I am a sucker for professional portraits. But when your kids are big what evidence will you have of when they were so cute?

#13 Shopping Cart Cover- Umm Hell yes! Do you know how dirty those carts are? And to top it off I made my own.

#19 Baby Sign Language- Yes both Richie and Nicholas learned baby sign. I am proud to say Nicholas recognizes some of the signs.

#27 Brtiax Car Seats- Umm yes I am guilty I have 2 car seats. And when Nicholas is big enough he'll get a new one too. At 250.00 or more a pop I am one broke mommy.

#35 Tummy Tuck- Yes Siree you better believe I will get one. It's the vain in me. I can't help but want my pre baby body back.

#36 Breastfeeding- Yes I breastfeed. Am I a Nazi? No! But I do recommend breastfeeding. I even make hooter hiders for my friends who are having babies.

On break

I am currently in San Diego attending a class at the wonderful Scripps La Jolla Hospital. It's a TNCC class. A fancy word for trauma nurse core curiculum. It's harder than I thought it would be. I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone though. Lil Richie needed to see the dentist. Oh that was fun for poor hubby. He went with all 3 kids by himself. Richie of course would not sit still. He has a cavity to the front two teeth. So he'll need 1500.00 in dental work. Oh yeah I know where my stimulus check is going.

I also got the suburban/bus windows tinted. It's been hitting close to 100 degrees at home. So happy the windows are darker so the kids won't burn up.

Richie brought the kids to me at the hospital. I was happy to see them plus I was going to have a chance to feed Nicholas. Remember we are still breastfeeding. So I go and pick him up. He had a major blow out a MAJOR one. It was on my arm all over his back, clothes. So I spent 15 minutes of my 30 minute lunch cleaning him up. ugh! oh and he wasn't hungry to top it off. I looked like Dolly Parton by the end of the day. Now that's a visual huh?

OK here's to hoping tomorrows class is better.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Little Richie is so excited about his upcoming birthday. Every day he asks me for a Bob the builder party. He tell me all day long is it my birthday. I have to tell him no Richie it's not time yet.

Well lately he's been asking me for a galleta I am probably spelling it wrong but in spanish it means cookie. So of course I tell him what galleta's? He yells at me "I wan a galleta" Finally he is mad because I clearly don't understand him. Well when I ask him again he finally runs to get a catalog for birthday stuff he points to what he wants. It just so happens to be a pinata. How he got from a cookie to a pinata I don't know. But all I know is galleta =pinata.

Copy Cat

Because I love when you leave me comments. Plus I stalk other's like Mindi & Tiburon I have decided to add a new feature to the old blog. A new widget over on the side. It says who leaves the most comments.

OH I love instant gratification from my blog. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings all over when you leave comments. So comment on. Wanna see your name at the top YOU know what you have to do! Comment Comment Comment!

Hubby's Theme Song

My hubby is lover of all things country. I say to him that Kenny Chesney is his man crush. But the video above, happens to be a Toby Keith video. I say it's the theme song to my hubby. I had a wild wicked 40th birthday party for him. This is the song we played when he cut the cake etc. I think it is very fitting for my hubby.

He use to be a bouncer in a bar. He loved that job he has such fond memories of it. He wishes he could fight with people still. I tell him he has pent up anger issues. Ha ha.

I love my hubby he gets such a big smile when this video comes on.

The boob song.

OK me and my DH have the minds of 13 year old boys at times. We think the most insane videos are funny. I happened upon this video. I think it is hilarious. Would be a great country song. I will confess it contains nudity and language but it's so funny. No watching with the children present.

I love some of the lines. They crack me up. You can't help but laugh. OK bloggers I warned you about the content.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I got my Mix Tapes

ok mix cd's but it was so cool to see everyone's CD covers. I was impressed by those who took the time to make a cool cover like Tiburon and Mindi. I am so jealous you ladies have mad skills when it comes to photoshop or whatever program you use.

Mine on the other hand was a a plain old CD. I can't wait to rock out on the new music I got on all the CD's. Thanks again ladies for making it happen. It was fun!

Video of Richie

This is a video of little Richie. He thinks he has to bow before he fights. He is still in a fighting mood despite his left clavicle being broken. He will use the arm but from the elbow down only. He is so funny. He is doing really well despite it being broken. I think he will be back to his old self in no time.

Video of Gianna

OK She is a little off beat but she is trying really hard. I am so proud of her. She was scared to get up in front of everyone. But in the end she did it. :)