Friday, June 6, 2008

Best Parent Ever!

Since I was browsing Diane's Blog I noticed her post about this blog.

I think it's hilarious. OK I suffer from some of the things listed there.

#2 Dumb Names- I wouldn't say my kids have dumb names, but I purposely tried to give Gianna a unique name. Richie's name is Ricardo, a very ethnic name. But named after his Dad. Nicholas I must say is a safe name. He would have been named Greyson but we chickened out at the last minute.

#3 Non White Nannies- Yes for a few months we had a nanny. She was Spanish speaking but where I come from they are a dime a dozen. She just happened to be my aunt but she was our nanny.

#5 Baby Wearing- Yes I am a big advocate of baby wearing. I even have a 80 dollar carrier. Thanks Jaime and Priscilla for buying it as a shower gift. I love my carrier. It has a calavera skull print to it. It's to cute and yes hip.

#6 Ridiculous First Birthday Parties- Yes I am the queen of birthday parties. I really am trying to scale it down but it's so hard. For instance we have had a luau, complete with roast pig. A tea party for Gianna, a movie theatre party for Richie. I do them big. It's my downfall I tend to over do my last parties.

#12 High End Photographers- Yes I am a sucker for professional portraits. But when your kids are big what evidence will you have of when they were so cute?

#13 Shopping Cart Cover- Umm Hell yes! Do you know how dirty those carts are? And to top it off I made my own.

#19 Baby Sign Language- Yes both Richie and Nicholas learned baby sign. I am proud to say Nicholas recognizes some of the signs.

#27 Brtiax Car Seats- Umm yes I am guilty I have 2 car seats. And when Nicholas is big enough he'll get a new one too. At 250.00 or more a pop I am one broke mommy.

#35 Tummy Tuck- Yes Siree you better believe I will get one. It's the vain in me. I can't help but want my pre baby body back.

#36 Breastfeeding- Yes I breastfeed. Am I a Nazi? No! But I do recommend breastfeeding. I even make hooter hiders for my friends who are having babies.


Rachel said...

That was fun, thanks for the link! :)