Monday, June 23, 2008

Weather YOU suck!

oh today is a nice 113 degrees with a low tonight of 77 degrees. What the hell kind of place do I live in. I so want to move on days like this. I am so trying to talk my husband in to moving some where nice but he doesn't want to.

On days like these we stay in doors unless we have to have to go out. I go shopping at night, for groceries, target runs etc. We play in doors. When we do venture out I let the a/c run in the bus for about 15 minutes trying to cool down the monster it is. I know I waste precious gas by doing it but rather burn up gas then the kids.

My windows are tinted limo black, I even put up sun shades still when we park. You dare not leave a full soda can in the car it will explode. I have had that happen to me. It was the most deafening sound ever. I think it almost popped my ear drum. I swear it.

It will melt crayons in 2 seconds flat, lipsticks will be a goner, and anything plastic will morph into something else.

Today I hate the heat. OH but it's a dry heat like that is suppose to make it any better.


BiBi said...

WOW Ida! I can imagine! Does your bus have leather seats?
I hate leather in the summer. I try to not turn my a/c sometimes to not waste too much gas, but my legs end up getting stuck to the seats *lol*
My little car takes forever to cool down when it's really hot, I can imagine your truck.

If you decide to move some day, Try TX ;)

Rachel said...

Ugh... 113! That is insane! And I thought our 94 was bad. Stay cool!