Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy Weekend

Friday Night after doing the household shopping we decided to go to the drive in again. This time we saw the Hulk. So much better then the first one. We loaded up the suburban, made our own popcorn, bought cheap candy from Walmart , and we were off. The kids love going to the drive in. I wish we would have stayed for Zohan but the bunch was getting cranky.

Saturday was Gianna's rehearsal. Oh MY it was long. They had to work out all the kinks. I thought it would take maybe 2 hours or 1.5 hours tops. Nope I was so wrong. 4 hours later we were done. I thought it would never end. So hopefully today they can whip through it. She is the last group to go too.

Also in the night time we had a dinner for my cousin who returned from Iraq. He looks like a baby still. If you saw him you would think he's maybe 15. But nope he's a grown man with a tour under his belt, a new car to reward himself too. We are so proud of him. And very thankful he is home safe.

Today being Father's day we had a luncheon at my aunts house. It was nice. DH is such a cook he made churro's. Yummy sweet sugary goodness. We really didn't buy him anything for father's day. I bought him a card that sings and placed a picture of the kids in it for his office. I think he liked it. He says he wants another lawn mower so think we will go to Sears to pick one up for him.

Other then that I am tired, and think we all are catching a cold again. UGH!


Rachel said...

Wow, it does sound like a busy weekend. The drive through sounds like fun! I wish we had one here. I'd love to try it out.