Monday, September 28, 2009

Guilty of...

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I am guilty of

Surfing the internet way too much.

Not making breakfast cereal is just as good right?

Not shaving my legs for days on end.

Letting the kids watch too much TV.

Cheating on my diet.

Not going to church every Sunday. (watching football or sleeping in instead).


Road Rage. (with some choice words).

Using my horn at people, dumb people on the road.

Having the worse sweet tooth.

Cursing like a sailor at times. It's rubbing off on the little one. I caught him saying ass the other day.

Having stuff in my cart, buyers remorse, and putting it back on any shelf. Sorry Target employees. I will try to be good.

Having to many magazine subscriptions. I am getting better though down to 2 now.

Yelling to much at the kids. I need to stop.

Not making a scrapbook for kid 2 or 3. I got lazy along the way.

Not keeping in touch with family.

I am sure there is more, I'll get back to you later.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thanks a lot legs!

So I have been trying to be faithful to my treadmill or running outside if the hubby is home. I did a great run today on the treadmill. Thanks to music, and my ipod which I love. Here I am about to change out of stinky clothes, and what do I see.....

The back of my legs. They are starting to resemble cottage cheese. WTH? I am being good, why must you do me like that?

Please legs, please cooperate, and not go down the path of cheesy-ness. Why o' why?

Let's make a deal, I will run, and eat better, and you will not resemble cheese. K!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Holiday Family Photos

With the holidays coming up I think these would be appropriate pictures. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just when I thought I looked cute....

So I bought some new jeans awhile back, thanks to a coupon at Gap.They are the sexy boot cut jeans. They hug in all the right places. Just love them. I paired them with a cute cardigan sweater, and some boots. Here I am thinking I look cute. Only to look in the mirror, and what do I see. A pimple right in the middle of my eyebrows. LOL

God pegged me down a few notches. Not so cute now huh???

Story of my life. IN other news it's Friday. For this I am happy. I work the weekend though boo hoo.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shoes - A love story

A girl can wish can't she? Let's go window shopping a'la internet. Maybe if I am lucky I can find the knock off of these shoes some where. I love shoes. I always have. I am the type of girl that will buy the shoes, and then look for the outfit to match them. I love my DSW here. I am a loyal customer.

I love a good pump or a boot. This year I bought some new flat boots, at Forever 21 one of my favorite stores. For 20 bucks. Can't go wrong with that price. And yes I am far from 21 but still love the store. It feeds my trendy monster.

Anyways, off to find some cute pumps, and some where to wear them too. hmmmm????

I especially love that purple pump reminds me of Prince in the 80's.

First Holy Communion

I am so happy. This year well actually in April, Gianna will be making her first Holy Communion. She has been studying for 3 years now, and is so excited. She is such a girly girl. She is really excited about the dress.

This is special to us as a family as well. I never made my first Holy Communion as a child even though I was baptized Catholic, my parents never followed through. So I am happy to say I am fulfilling my obligation to her, and the Church.

I can't wait for her to be able to receive communion.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where's my Money Tree??

There is some big things coming up in my household. First off my Richie needs to have his tonsils removed. The thought of this scares me to death. He has had anesthesia once so I know he will hopefully God willing do OK with it.

On the other hand the little one Nicholas needs to have his front teeth fixed. Courtesy of mommy , and the sippy cup. I really do think some kids are prone to cavities.

Anyways between the both of them minus the flexible spending account, we are looking at a few thousand. Oh, and the hotel rental for when we go. Yipee! Where is my money tree when I need it.

Kanye vs. Rob

Stole these from Sarah at Kamp Koala thought they were funny enjoy!! With new moon coming up everyone could use a little Rob. =)

My easy go to meal.

When I am in a pinch and need to make something quick this is my go to meal. It's not pretty but it's good.

Buy some stewed tomato's what ever you like Italian style or Mexican.
And broccoli florets. See I am cheap and buy the store brand.

I brown some kielbasa and slice it up.

Throw it all in a pan, and let it simmer till the broccoli is cooked. Put the lid on.

Serve over jasmine or brown rice, and you are done.

Really it is that easy. I usually start the rice first. And by the time the rice is done the meat is too.

And yes my kids eat this and love it. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye is an Arse.

I don't really care about her. But at least have some decency to not steal her thunder or her spotlight.

Just so you should know....

I love the color red.

Painted my nails red today fire engine red.

I have 2 sick kids, and think they are getting me sick too.

Gianna is doing a darn fundraiser for school. I hate those things.

I hate ham deli meat. It's gross.

I hate mushrooms. Who eats fungi anyways. Well except cheese.

I love my running shoes.

My hubby told me he needs to fire me.

I am not liking my math class. But I gotta deal with it.

I need to color my hair AGAIN!

We watch way too much TV here.

I love watching true blood.

No one reads my blog so I wonder why I do it anymore?

Do I really need a BSN in nursing?

I caught vomit with my hand last night.

It stunk. And I think I saw some banana in it.

I wonder if my kids have the swine flu. I am sure I bring home bugs from work.

I have to hold down the little one to take his med's. It looks like torture.

I miss my hubby.

Nicholas fell off the bed last night. But he landed on some pillows so we are cool.