Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ramblings of an ER Nurse

If your toe hurts please don't go to the ER unless you think it's broke.
If you have had a funky looking mole but today you thought to come to the ER please don't rethink it could it wait till your DR is opens tommorrow?
Cough for 4 months sure maybe you could come in.
Any funky bumps or rashes lastly more than 2 months hmmm I dunno man is it an ER visit.
A pregnancy test sure but you know there is a wal greens down the street.
You want refills on your pain med's um that's a NO unless you have a really good reason.

I know I may sound bitter or harsh but I have worked in the ER for years and years. I have seen almost it all. From those who want free meals to those who want drugs to those who have nothing better to do than sit in a nice warm/or cool er where you can have a rest.

Today I wasn't feeling well so please tell me why your cold is worse than mine. I am still here at work why aren't you at your job?

Yeah I know bad nurse. Yes I do have compassion for my patients. I love my patients but please don't test my patience.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Phew it's over. I survived 3 large trash bags of wrapping paper and boxes. A roaster oven full of tamales rice and beans. I managed to cook my first meal by myself. Ham, sweet potato's, veggies, and mashed potatoes. It came out pretty good if I do say so myself.

We had Christmas Eve at my home for my mom's side of the family. It was nice. I had plenty of room since we knocked down the wall. The house smelled great with all the smells of Christmas, and food.

Christmas Day was at my home. Big Richie worked both days so like I said I was on my own for cooking. We invited his parents mine and my Tio's David. It was good.

Oh I had plenty of dishes to do took me almost 2 days to get my house back in order. But in all I like the holidays.

One major bummer I think I lost my pictures from Christmas so I have none to post. I am bummed but hopefully I can get them from my parents the pics they took.

Until next year.:)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

So bad but funny

I think this is funny call me a bad parent I highly doubt she remebered any of it but this has to be one of my favorite videos of the year.

Pinoy News

Thought this was interesting. My Richie loves Journey. He is one that sees the band almost every year. Well suprise suprise, the new lead singer of the band is a fellow fillipino man. There is more on you tube but you get the idea.

The look of fear....

Yep I will probably scare my guests. I am going to cook Christmas Dinner by myself. Anyone who knows my family knows that Big Richie is the cook in the family. The man can whip up just about anything. I swear I should be about 400 lbs. But anyways my point is Richie has to work Christmas Eve as well as day. That means I need to make food by myself on Christmas day. Usually we don't do anything but this year he wants to start the tradition of having Christmas day festivities at our home. I am excited about it starting our own traditions heck we've been married 8 years now we should start some right?

But I am nervous I am afraid I will burn something. I must say the menu is bleak. I will make a chicken pot pie (thanks costco), mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, sweet potatoes. And I bought some deserts from Vons. Oh and a ham.

Wish me luck

Saturday, December 22, 2007

News from the kids

Gianna had a fundraiser selling candles. Well Big Richie sold candles, LOL she sold over 900.00 in candles. The top sellers got a prize, the top prize was a Nintendo Wii the 2nd prizes were Ipod shuffles. Well she was 200.00 short of the top prize so she won a shuffle. She was happy.

Richie has an imagination you won't believe. I love the stories he tells me and the things he makes up. He told me a story that the ice cream truck was broken the tire broke mama he said and he needed a screw driver. This is alot I think considering he is only 2 I love his imagination.

Nicholas is a mama's boy already. He is majorily teething at this moment and bites anything. He drools gnaws and tries to eat his fingers. He found his hands and loves to stare at them.

Thinking about it...

So we all have bills I am thinking though I would like to pay some off soon. So I am thinking I will maybe go to registry nursing. I want to work a few shifts per month here and there. It gives me more experience and hopefully will get me out of my comfort zone of the ER. Plus you can't beat 450.00 dollars take home right for one day of work?

As for my business, I am still waiting from the city to approve my stuff hopefully soon. But with the holidays here I think it may take awhile.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

8th Anniversary

Today I am married to the greatest hubby and father I know. He still makes me laugh, he makes me smile, He cooks , he cleans, yes he drives me nuts at times. But don't they all. Even when we fight I still want to be next to him. I want to be married to him till we are old and gray. That will be him sooner then me. LOL

I am very blessed to have such a great man in my life. Thought I would share.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Battle of the Bulges

I have decided to join a weight loss pool at work. They will be going by percentage instead of just pounds to make it fair to everyone. I am excited. I think the 30 a head will be a motivation to win. Even if I don't win I will feel better knowing I am shedding the extra baby weight. The contest begins Jan. 1st and ends 8 weeks later. I am so excited.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Construction Pic No Wall No More

Here is the house now it is done. I still need to replace the carpet that is missing where we knocked out the wall. But is makes the house so much bigger I think. I still need to do some touch up painting here and there but you get the idea.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Date Night

Me and Richie had a night out. It was our annual Christmas Party for the hospital. We got dressed up I actually put on some make up and did my hair. It was nice to get out without the children. They had a set up to take photos. We took some pics. It reminded me of Prom. We also were handed raffle tickets when we walked in. I always say I'm gonna win something. Well I did I won a drill set of all things. Oh well I still won. There was a huge buffet of foods, a live band and bars galore. I had fun. We had to go around and say our Hello's to the big people of the hospital. It was a fun night though.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh Nicholas

Let me remind you little person that 3 am is not the time to start talking to yourself as loud as you can and doing spit bubbles. I know and you know you are beyond cute but please Mister let your mama sleep. Especially on the days mama works. Thank you.

On another note of my little person, he went for his 4 month check up he is off the charts weighing in at 17 lbs 10oz. 26 in. long and super cute. He has a bit of eczema but other than that he is doing very well. We are not starting rice cereal yet due to the risk f food allergies. But he seems very content with his best freinds the boobs.

thanks for reading.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dress Up Day

Yeah that is one big shoe. But I fell in love with these shoes at Dillards the other day. You know when you are walking past something at it catches your eye. Thats was me and these shoes. I bought them. Yes they are beyond my budget but I splurged on myself. And damn they look good. I have a party to go to this Friday. Just me and hubby a work party.I think they will go well with a little black dress I bought I slinkied myself into a size 8 woohoo. A night out with out the children ahhhhh!
Will post some more pics when we go out. Until than. :)

Christmas Pics= nightmare

Anyone that has small children knows what a nightmare it is to get a professional picture done. You have to dress X amount of kids. They have to make it over to the studio with out any spits ups muddy pants or head bands out of whack. You hope and pray they cooperate. Get in the car try not to get too wrinkly. sp? And there you make it to the studio, only to find out they are not ready for you. UGH (bangs head against wall) Why on earth do you make appointments if they are not honored I am thinking to myself.

So it's our time finally after meandering around the mall killing time. Get everyone in place, and here we go. Richie refuses to smile. He says NO at the top of his lungs he doesn't want to according to him. He tell the nice lady No so many times it isn't even funny. He wants to play with the blocks and toys rather than sit still. Gianna bickers her knees are tired they had her on her knees posing. Nicholas can only sit back and decide now is a good time to gnaw on my shirt and for good measure spit up as well. Than proceeds to eat his shirt as well. I love it thank heavens for dark colors.

My hubby misses a more formal portrait he says where he stands and everyone else does as well. He doesn't like the posing that is done at a certain kiddie place. So after 24 shots we got 2 and it wasn't even our best 2 but oh well. It's done. PHEW
On to next year and hopefully better pictures.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Brand new home and we are already knocking down walls. I am happy to say we have knocked down a wall that separates the two living rooms. The wall you see above behind the chandelier is the wall that is coming down. I am so excited can't wait to post updated pics when it's finally finished.

Shopping Time

Did I tell you I braved the day after thanksgiving sales. I was out of the house by 5 am. I hit the big stores I wanted to. KB Toys Macys, Gymboree. I am such a nut I went on Wed. and held some clothes at Gymboree, and Dillards. I came back on Friday when they went on sale more and scooped them up. I love a good deal. I also included for your enjoyment a picture of the kids on Thanksgiving.

Richie's big weekend

Things have been super busy here again as usual. Big Richie went out of town to the Oakland game with some friends. I am happy he got out of the house he works so much. I think he had a good time. He went to Pier 39 and went shopping. He brought back goodies for the kids and some sinful chocolate from Ghiradelli's square. Oh it's so good. I stayed at home with the kids. Gianna had a sleep over at grandma's house so one kid out and the boys and I hung out.