Saturday, December 22, 2007

News from the kids

Gianna had a fundraiser selling candles. Well Big Richie sold candles, LOL she sold over 900.00 in candles. The top sellers got a prize, the top prize was a Nintendo Wii the 2nd prizes were Ipod shuffles. Well she was 200.00 short of the top prize so she won a shuffle. She was happy.

Richie has an imagination you won't believe. I love the stories he tells me and the things he makes up. He told me a story that the ice cream truck was broken the tire broke mama he said and he needed a screw driver. This is alot I think considering he is only 2 I love his imagination.

Nicholas is a mama's boy already. He is majorily teething at this moment and bites anything. He drools gnaws and tries to eat his fingers. He found his hands and loves to stare at them.


Sara said...

Way To Go Gianna!!! (And Big Richie too)