Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ramblings of an ER Nurse

If your toe hurts please don't go to the ER unless you think it's broke.
If you have had a funky looking mole but today you thought to come to the ER please don't rethink it could it wait till your DR is opens tommorrow?
Cough for 4 months sure maybe you could come in.
Any funky bumps or rashes lastly more than 2 months hmmm I dunno man is it an ER visit.
A pregnancy test sure but you know there is a wal greens down the street.
You want refills on your pain med's um that's a NO unless you have a really good reason.

I know I may sound bitter or harsh but I have worked in the ER for years and years. I have seen almost it all. From those who want free meals to those who want drugs to those who have nothing better to do than sit in a nice warm/or cool er where you can have a rest.

Today I wasn't feeling well so please tell me why your cold is worse than mine. I am still here at work why aren't you at your job?

Yeah I know bad nurse. Yes I do have compassion for my patients. I love my patients but please don't test my patience.