Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Potty Training

Oh the joys of potty training. Gianna was a breeze no problems no pull up hardly an accident and never had an accident at night. Richie is a different story. I know all kids are different. My Richie surely is. This morning started out with him crying about no more diapers. He yelled and screamed and threw himself down. I had him naked from the waist down all day. I needed to put some clothes on him to get Gianna from school. And of course he had an accident. So we get home he finally pooped and peed on the potty chair. I swear we could have won the lottery I was so happy. He got a big hug kiss and was excted too. I think we maybe on to something. Will keep trying all this week I really hope he gets it.

Once he is trained off to preschool he goes. I am so excited.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Skinny

So we finally purchased another treadmill. I am so happy and overjoyed that is has pre-set programs and a better motor and some sort of cushion thing. So hopefully not as bad on the knees as the previous one. Time to start running again.

Today was so warm I am so ready for winter temperatures to begin. It's been hovering in the low 90's still. I really need to be able to break out with a sweater sometime soon. It's funny I bought winter clothes for the kids awhile back and they may grow out of them before winter even rolls around here. Oh well I guess thats what we get for living in the desert.

I joined a month long weight loss pool on an online board I visit. I hope I can loose 10 lbs or more within the month. I am very ready for my clothes to start fitting again. Oh the joys of post-partum baby weight. I swear my hips get bigger after every child I have.

Enough of my crying for now. Off I go to run. Happy Running!

Monday, October 29, 2007

First day back

So Sunday was my first day back to work. I am use to getting up early that was no biggie. But as I looked at Nicholas sleeping so peacefully in my bed, I wished I didn't have to go back. But reality has set in and so have the bills. I needed to return back to work. I made sure to pump before I left and thankfully left a 6 oz bottle of fresh milk.

Work was busy at first it takes awhile to get back into the groove of things. I had all my beds full when I took assignment. Patients being admitted, some going to OR, some still haven't been seen by the Dr. The day just started out busy. It seemed like I was getting all the pediatric children that day in my beds that made me wish I was at home more with all my babies. Luckily I was not too rusty when it came to start an IV.

Overall it was a decent day I pumped 2x during my shift. Next time I will pump 3x. Hopefully on those days my milk supply won't drop too badly and screw up the rest of the week.

Nicholas did well being with out me he slept alot according to hubby. The other kids are easier now and can fend for themselves some what. So yeah back to the work grind. Thankfully I don't have to work too much just a few shifts a month. YIPEE

Pumpkins Galore

So I decided to try something different with the children this year. We painted and potato headed our pumpkin's. Richie enjoyed himself, so did Gianna. Here are some pictures of their little creations. Of course we had to make a baby pumpkin for Nicholas complete with pacifier and all.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

In honor of my return to work

thought this was funny

Cupcake Madness

I so want this pan but of course it's out of stock. Thanks alot wilton. I love baking and this is a super huge cupcake on steroids. I need this pan. Off to find one ebay here I come.


yes RIP treadmill. It has finally kicked the bucket. It's been a good run. How can I complain I bought you used and you have lasted the daily running grind day in and day out. But now your time has come to go to the treadmill heaven in the sky.

Oh well atleast now I get to buy a new one. YIPEE, think I will cruise costco and see what I can find. Or wait it out till Christmas/New Year sales when everyone is trying to loose weight and all exercise equipment goes on sale.

I love a good bargain hopefully I can find one.

Meltdown at MOPS

Yep we attended our first meeting. I got myself and the kids dressed and out the door by 9:20 rushing to get there by 9:30. Ok so we were late. I signed in met some mommies and proceeded to take Richie to the child care area. A really cute room with a Noah Ark in it the kids can play with toys or in the ark like a real day care center. Anyways I am listening to the MOPS meeting start. And you would never guess I was called back to get Richie because he was having a crying fit. I literally could hear him down the hall. Oh my Richie.

So I proceed to bring him back hoping and praying he would sit still and be quiet enough. He was for all of about 10 minutes. It's 9:50 at this point and the meeting ends at 11:30. Yeah me. I barter for good behavior with grapes, snacks, and juice. That keeps his content for about 20 minutes. Than we go to see a demonstration about making popcorn balls they looked fabulous by the way she used tiny red hot candies looked yummy and smelled great. But back to Richie he gets antsy again and starts to roll on the floor picking up every dirt imaginable along the way. When he was done rolling he begins to scoot his butt along the floor making his way back to the snack table. So here I am juggling Richie, Nicholas, and trying to seem like I am listening. Oh the joys of Richie. I think we will go again but then again I might leave him with my mom instead.

Otherwise it was great to talk with some other mommies. We listened to a devotional have a fund raiser coming up selling Family Fun Magazine for 10 bucks. A real steal and you get 10 issues. If you've never seen this magazine it's a must for mommies and grandmas too. And hey Christmas is coming up too.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Race Running

I have run 3 races so far. Actually they are pretty fun if you like training and sometimes freezing your butt off like I did in Vegas Half Marathon. Above are 2 pictures from races. The one in purple is from the Carlsbad 5000 a great race with awesome views. The second is from the Vegas Half marathon this past December. OH that was something. It was cold I was cranky and oh I was pregnant and didn't even know it. I swear if I had had money I would have hailed a cab. But hey I finished so that's all that counts . I also did the Inagural Disneyland Half Marathon. If you are a runner who also likes disneyland that is one to do. The course is great and lot's of people motivating you along the way. It's like a tour of Disneyland CA Adventures the anaheim stadium and of course the orginal disneyland.

So now I am post baby and need to start running again. I like this website to train it gives some great basic training tips. I think will be training for the Carlsbad 5000 again. Have fun running. :)

Our camcorder

I am not one to take out the huge camcorder and shoot video of the kids. So Big Richie bought us this awhile back. I absolutely love it small like a camera and can shoot up to 30 minutes of video. Perfect for my purse and the picture is actually pretty good. So now I have no excuse to take videos of the kiddies.

sick all around

Yes it is that time when it seems the illness will be passed from children to parent and back again. Fun Fun Fun. Richie has been at battle with a head cold. He is whiney as can be, and has a runny nose to add to his frustration. He becomes so tired, and when that boy is tired he becomes clumsy so we have lots of bumps over the last few days. I guess it doesn't help either that he throws himself down for his tantrums. Nicholas is starting with a runny or congested nose as well. It's making nursing more difficult as he can't breath and nurse at the same time. Gianna and Big Richie have been spared for the moment. I am sure their time will come soon enough.

off now to wipe more noses and do more wash. Yipee

Monday, October 22, 2007

SoCal on Fire

It seems all of southern california is on fire. It is stretching from Malibu to San Diego. I am far enough away from the fires but feel so bad for those who had to be evacuated. Recent reports have over 250,000 at Qualcomm stadium - where the chargers play at. I can't even imagine. I was told one of our ER dr's witnessed his home burning while watching the news this morning. How tragic to know you are over 1.5 hours away and know when you get there your house will no longer be there. I'll be praying for those who are misplaced and have lost their homes.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

new tattoo

My new tattoo I am so happy 3 little stars for my little kids. I know I know everyone gets stars but these are mine and I love them.

Play Date

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My new favorite thing

My new favorite thing is from Martha Stewart. Packaging for all those goodies and gifts that you might bake for the upcoming holidays. I know I make my neighbors cookies and cakes. I can't wait to put them in these wonderful packages I think they will look so much nicer. Available soon at Michaels stores. I can't wait to start baking. Yummy

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Dummies Guide to Cell Phones

This weekend I finally got a new phone it has been 2 years since my last one. I am finally in the age of texting. Mind you it took me about 2 minutes to learn how to text on my phone. This phone has so many bells and whistles I may need the "dummies" books to know how to use it. But I am excited it's like a new toy at Christmas time. The novelty of it will wear off soon. I am sure it'll be at the bottom of my purse lost in the abyss of my diaper bag or stuck in a seat some where. I am sure Richie will find new and exciting ways to launch it across the room or spill whatever juice he is drinking on it. I will find a way to beat it up as well, or drop it in the street . As I have with my other phones. Luckily this time I was smart and got insurance. Yipee for me.

Sunday, October 14, 2007



Real Live Person

Ever tired of trying to reach a real live human being when you call a customer service number. I do I spent countless hours or minutes trying to reach a real person well this website might help you out. live person

Friday, October 12, 2007

Monkey & More

Thought I would share some new pictures of my little men. Richie the ham and the newest monkey on the block.

Smiling & Richie

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

T-Shirts with a message

I found this website through Parents magazine thought I would share/pass these along. Thought they were great for little ones. With special needs like allergies or diabetic children.
Pardon Moi

Monday, October 8, 2007

My 101

Thanks Tib for the idea here is my list of 101 things you may or may not know about me.

1. I miss sleeping
2. I love my birth mark
3. I hate windy days
4. I love/loathe where I live right now the heat is unbearable
5. My favorite color is black
6. My middle name is Selena pronounced suh-len-a
7. I hate my flabby body
8. I curse sometimes like a sailor
9. I color my hair
10. I drive a suburban
11. I love pedicures
12. My favorite flowers are orchids
13. I hate roses
14. My first car pontiac thunderbird
15. I have a dog boxer named Rosie
16. I have 3 children
17. I want to travel the world
18. I have grey hair
19. I think my husband is hilarious
20. I use to play the clarinet
21. I wanted to be a cheerleader in high school couldn't afford to
22. I have a purse addiction
23. My favorite drink is amaretto sour blended
24. I have run 2 half marathons
25. I rarely get a pimple
26. My kids crack me up with their humor
27. I hate cleaning
28. I shed hair I swear like a cat
29. I don't know how to text message on a cell phone
30. I bump old school rap in the car when the kids aren't with me
31. I can't sing to save my life
32. I talk to my mom every day
33. I love to read
34. I can't dance all that well
35. I secretly like mexican cumbias corridas
36. I hate math
37. I was the school paper editor in high school
38. I am an ER nurse
39. Sometimes I wish to change departments
40. I have around 20 purses
41. I wanted to be a Dr when I was younger
42. I wish I would have went away to a 4 year college
43. I am not a meat eater only the occasional hamburger no steaks
44. I am a picky eater
45. I get along better with men than with women
46. My office looks like it blew up paper
47. All my clothes are hung by color
48. I love pizza
49. I am learning to love sushi
50. I am so happy I have a great sister in law
51. My kids drive me batty at times
52. I hate whining
53. I am an A&E lover
54. I have one true girlfriend named Angie
55. I find it hard to trust people
56. I hate bull shiters
57. I have a Nikon d50 and take OK pictures
58. Never was proposed to.
59. I proposed to Richie in the ER
60. I use to be addicted to coca cola
61. I love to bake
62. I get pissed at fondant
63. I hate pancakes waffles
64. Make a mean french toast
65. Favorite holiday is Christmas, Halloween than thanksgiving
66. I became a full fledged catholic when I was 20.
67. One of the few in my family to be married in the church
68. I was teased a lot in grammar school
69. My parents are still married
70. I have been married before for like a minute
71. I am scared I will get cancer someday like my mom
72. I fight with my dad all the time but in a play full way
73 I have one brother only
74. We barely started to get along the past few years
75. I love my sheets and their thread count
76. I wear glasses at night to see the road
77. I can speak some Spanish
78. I get laughed at because I can't speak Spanish very well
79. I think about my weight all the time
80. I miss my clothes and the body I had before kids
81. I want a tattoo on my foot
82. I love when it rains
83. I am very gullible sp?
84. I get scared by pictures of aliens
85. If I had to pick one store it would be target
86. I don't buy stuff unless it's on sale
87. We are in debt up to our eyeballs
88. But have money in our savings - go figure
89. I am genuinely very happy with my life
90. I hate the smell of urine
91. Things rarely gross me out
92. I don't drink milk
93 I need to loose 35 lbs
94. I fear turning 30
95. My children are my life
96. I wish Richie and I had more alone time
97. I want to live in Hawaii for awhile
98. I am learning to get along with my mother in law
99. I am a loyal friend
100. I have had my hair the same way for 7 years
101. I type slowly

there you have it

I come to realize I have 3 kids

This past weekend was our first trip any where with all the children. Boy it was an eye opener. I give my hats off to the ladies with more kids than me. I know you must be way busier than me and probably more organized also. Having said that I am tired phew.
We went to the famous San Diego Zoo that was fun Richie was semi interested in the animals. Gianna was excited and of course Nicholas slept and fed his way through the park. We didn't do the whole park way to hard to get on and off the buses they provide so we walked it. Well we walked as much as we could lets just say. :)

We also did some shopping while we were up there I was on a mission to find a double stroller. We went to babies r us and tried out strollers in the store. Walking around the store with both boys in them trying to get a feel for what works for us. We ended up getting a combi twin side by side it seems to be good for now. Our next trip out will prove it's worth.

We also went to the Fiesta Island park the kids got to see the kites play in the sand have a picnic. It was fun.

The only thing that was hard about this weekend was getting kids in the car its down right exhausting.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Venturing out

So I have been thinking lately that I need to do more outside the home meet new people. A few weeks ago I made some calls about joining a local breast feeding coalition. I wanted to volunteer my time more, for something I believe in. So I went to my first meeting today. They really do alot in the community as far as making mothers aware of the resources we have locally to support breast feeding. It was a real eye opener. I plan to attend more meetings and try to help out where I can.

I also have plans to go to a MOPS meeting next week I was concerned for a moment that I might not fit with their belief system but was reassured that they have many catholic moms in their play group so that should be fun. Another way to meet new moms and interact outside the home. I am excited they also have child care during the meetings so Richie can play with children his own age.

I am excited hopefully I can meet some new people and Richie can interact with some children too.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Richie's 40th

Richie's party was on Saturday it was an event in the making I was running ragged for awhile but when it was all done the chores the last minute items that needed to be taken care of it was a blast of a party. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

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