Monday, October 8, 2007

I come to realize I have 3 kids

This past weekend was our first trip any where with all the children. Boy it was an eye opener. I give my hats off to the ladies with more kids than me. I know you must be way busier than me and probably more organized also. Having said that I am tired phew.
We went to the famous San Diego Zoo that was fun Richie was semi interested in the animals. Gianna was excited and of course Nicholas slept and fed his way through the park. We didn't do the whole park way to hard to get on and off the buses they provide so we walked it. Well we walked as much as we could lets just say. :)

We also did some shopping while we were up there I was on a mission to find a double stroller. We went to babies r us and tried out strollers in the store. Walking around the store with both boys in them trying to get a feel for what works for us. We ended up getting a combi twin side by side it seems to be good for now. Our next trip out will prove it's worth.

We also went to the Fiesta Island park the kids got to see the kites play in the sand have a picnic. It was fun.

The only thing that was hard about this weekend was getting kids in the car its down right exhausting.


The Bristow School said...

Congrats on your first outing with three kids! I don't take my 3 out all that often, but it's really just because of the toddler, not the older two!