Monday, October 8, 2007

My 101

Thanks Tib for the idea here is my list of 101 things you may or may not know about me.

1. I miss sleeping
2. I love my birth mark
3. I hate windy days
4. I love/loathe where I live right now the heat is unbearable
5. My favorite color is black
6. My middle name is Selena pronounced suh-len-a
7. I hate my flabby body
8. I curse sometimes like a sailor
9. I color my hair
10. I drive a suburban
11. I love pedicures
12. My favorite flowers are orchids
13. I hate roses
14. My first car pontiac thunderbird
15. I have a dog boxer named Rosie
16. I have 3 children
17. I want to travel the world
18. I have grey hair
19. I think my husband is hilarious
20. I use to play the clarinet
21. I wanted to be a cheerleader in high school couldn't afford to
22. I have a purse addiction
23. My favorite drink is amaretto sour blended
24. I have run 2 half marathons
25. I rarely get a pimple
26. My kids crack me up with their humor
27. I hate cleaning
28. I shed hair I swear like a cat
29. I don't know how to text message on a cell phone
30. I bump old school rap in the car when the kids aren't with me
31. I can't sing to save my life
32. I talk to my mom every day
33. I love to read
34. I can't dance all that well
35. I secretly like mexican cumbias corridas
36. I hate math
37. I was the school paper editor in high school
38. I am an ER nurse
39. Sometimes I wish to change departments
40. I have around 20 purses
41. I wanted to be a Dr when I was younger
42. I wish I would have went away to a 4 year college
43. I am not a meat eater only the occasional hamburger no steaks
44. I am a picky eater
45. I get along better with men than with women
46. My office looks like it blew up paper
47. All my clothes are hung by color
48. I love pizza
49. I am learning to love sushi
50. I am so happy I have a great sister in law
51. My kids drive me batty at times
52. I hate whining
53. I am an A&E lover
54. I have one true girlfriend named Angie
55. I find it hard to trust people
56. I hate bull shiters
57. I have a Nikon d50 and take OK pictures
58. Never was proposed to.
59. I proposed to Richie in the ER
60. I use to be addicted to coca cola
61. I love to bake
62. I get pissed at fondant
63. I hate pancakes waffles
64. Make a mean french toast
65. Favorite holiday is Christmas, Halloween than thanksgiving
66. I became a full fledged catholic when I was 20.
67. One of the few in my family to be married in the church
68. I was teased a lot in grammar school
69. My parents are still married
70. I have been married before for like a minute
71. I am scared I will get cancer someday like my mom
72. I fight with my dad all the time but in a play full way
73 I have one brother only
74. We barely started to get along the past few years
75. I love my sheets and their thread count
76. I wear glasses at night to see the road
77. I can speak some Spanish
78. I get laughed at because I can't speak Spanish very well
79. I think about my weight all the time
80. I miss my clothes and the body I had before kids
81. I want a tattoo on my foot
82. I love when it rains
83. I am very gullible sp?
84. I get scared by pictures of aliens
85. If I had to pick one store it would be target
86. I don't buy stuff unless it's on sale
87. We are in debt up to our eyeballs
88. But have money in our savings - go figure
89. I am genuinely very happy with my life
90. I hate the smell of urine
91. Things rarely gross me out
92. I don't drink milk
93 I need to loose 35 lbs
94. I fear turning 30
95. My children are my life
96. I wish Richie and I had more alone time
97. I want to live in Hawaii for awhile
98. I am learning to get along with my mother in law
99. I am a loyal friend
100. I have had my hair the same way for 7 years
101. I type slowly

there you have it