Thursday, October 25, 2007

Meltdown at MOPS

Yep we attended our first meeting. I got myself and the kids dressed and out the door by 9:20 rushing to get there by 9:30. Ok so we were late. I signed in met some mommies and proceeded to take Richie to the child care area. A really cute room with a Noah Ark in it the kids can play with toys or in the ark like a real day care center. Anyways I am listening to the MOPS meeting start. And you would never guess I was called back to get Richie because he was having a crying fit. I literally could hear him down the hall. Oh my Richie.

So I proceed to bring him back hoping and praying he would sit still and be quiet enough. He was for all of about 10 minutes. It's 9:50 at this point and the meeting ends at 11:30. Yeah me. I barter for good behavior with grapes, snacks, and juice. That keeps his content for about 20 minutes. Than we go to see a demonstration about making popcorn balls they looked fabulous by the way she used tiny red hot candies looked yummy and smelled great. But back to Richie he gets antsy again and starts to roll on the floor picking up every dirt imaginable along the way. When he was done rolling he begins to scoot his butt along the floor making his way back to the snack table. So here I am juggling Richie, Nicholas, and trying to seem like I am listening. Oh the joys of Richie. I think we will go again but then again I might leave him with my mom instead.

Otherwise it was great to talk with some other mommies. We listened to a devotional have a fund raiser coming up selling Family Fun Magazine for 10 bucks. A real steal and you get 10 issues. If you've never seen this magazine it's a must for mommies and grandmas too. And hey Christmas is coming up too.