Saturday, August 30, 2008

50 cent you make me melt!

Awhile ago on a board I frequent a question was posed what word would describe your hubby or your relationship. It could have been a word or a phrase to a song. Well I asked my husband what he would use the first word out of mouth was crazy. Yeah we joke like 14 year old boys. Then on my way home from work one day I was listening to 50 cent. One of his lines is" I love you like a fat kid loves cake" . I called my hubby and told him that was my line to him. He laughed of course.

So our anniversary is coming up in December. His birthday is in September 14th. I have some major shopping to do for his birthdays. Our 8th anniversary is December 20th. Gianna is 8 you do the math. (oh controversy) I was thinking a small trip somewhere. Or fly him to Oakland for his beloved Raiders football team so he can watch a game.

Who knows anyone want to give me some suggestions?

It's Raining

It's a rare rare thing for us to get rain here. Yes I know I live in the desert but a little rain every once in awhile is like a treat. It's been black stormy skies here with thunder and lightening. It's great. I love the rain. I am also going to admit I love the smell of wet dirt. YES call me country but I do.

So believe me no one here knows how to drive in the rain so I am sure they'll be some accidents. Some streets will flood over the curb. But my grass will be super green.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mexican Madness

I am Mexican so I am declaring it's ok for me to make fun of my own race.


My vieja gets mad and I don't even know water problem is!


My homie farted gacho, bad, and I couldn't brief.


Orale vato, when all my familia gets in the car, there¢s not mushroom.


My vieja wanted me to go to the store, but chicken go by herself .


Some vato tried to sweet talk my ruca. I told him, orale loco liver alone, cheese mine.


Ju tol me ju were goin to the store and July to me! Julyer!


I wanted to go with my mom to the flea market pero she didn't wafer me!


I had some cake to share with my wife, this is my piece this is herpes.

What do you name the baby when a Mexican gets married to a Muslim?

Allah Chingada

Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy Busy

This officially starts the busy busy on goings of our family. School has started today, which means we have a real schedule again. boohoo.

Just so you know why I ramble at times this is the new deal. Mon/Tues the hubby will have nursing students again. Wed/Thurs. I work my 12 hour shifts. I also picked up Sat/Sun. so more money more money money for us. Or shall I say the bills. HUbby picked up Thursday, Fri, Sat. Our new days off together will be Sundays only I guess. A perfect day so we can go to church. Well that's when I am not working a Sunday.

Did I tell you, I also interviewed for another job. It's per diem but pays really well as a rent a nurse for the hospital up the street. So on top of all that, I will give her some days too.

It's sounds like a lot but really it isn't. I will give 8 days to my hospital. I also will give 4 days to the other hospital. yeah me. yeah the bills.

What Olympic Sport are you?

You Are Fencing
You're competitive but not brutally so. You compete to make yourself better.
You find having an opponent to be challenging and rewarding.
You are fierce when you're in a competition, but you don't wish your rivals any real harm.

hmm I never would have thought I would be a fencing person? Go figure.

Me through the decades!

1960's Ida gotta love the glasses!
1970's Ida love the hair. And the pearls. woohoo
1980's Ida. One must accept one's fro!
1990's Ida oh I can be in a hair band any day. I could be a groupie.
2000 Ida hmm I dunno know about the bangs.

Ha this was a fun one. I got the idea from Mindi.

Organization Check!

I am so in love with the new calender I got. I gotta love Costco. It has the new nifty calender plus a purse calender. I love writing all the things my little family has going on in this calender.

It has such cute little cartoons inside and stickers to boot. Very cute. Maybe this will help organize the family. Or maybe I will forget to write anything down in it. Oh well.

Back in the Game!

After feeling so blah. I think it's in part to me gaining back 4 lbs and work sucking. So I decided to start working out again and eating better. I decided to use the 10 minute trainer.
Believe it or not it's a work out for me considering I have not run or did any exercise in over 2 months.

Me and the hubby did it together last night. I was huffing and puffing after 6 minutes. They say you can get a work out in 10 min. but for best results you should do 3 of the 10 min. work outs.

Hopefully I can get back to the weight I was before. I wish I had a trainer, or someone to come kick my ass daily and tell me to work out.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I miss SNL

Every time I see this video I crack up.

Wokin por nub! I love it.

It's been a long time

I am ashamed I have nothing spectacular to blog about except the same old same old here. I have a lot going on in my little brain right now. I don't think my 2 readers even want to know my mental ramblings. To put it on paper would let you know just how crazy I get at times, plus how unorganized I am at times.

Once I get my brain back. I can blog again.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm home

OK driving down the and up the mountains with a head cold was not fun. No it wasn't. I felt like my head was going to explode. I have lot's to talk about. Be back later with more.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Have a good one!

Me and the ol' familia are going to San Diego tomorrow. The plan is to go to Sea World to see the fishes. We also plan on bumming around and doing some clothes shopping for G. She will be the fashion plate of the school if it was up to her. I also will be looking for a bento box for her. She is so excited to start school this year it is too cute. Believe me mama is excited too.

Other then that I will be back on Monday late. Have a great weekend everyone. :)

Trying to be Dolly!

ok I know this picture is in poor taste. Oh well. But it proves a point by visual. I this week was in my own personal booby hell. I have been weaning Nicholas but since the day of his party, I cut him off completely.

I guess I am a over producer of milk. So by the end of the night I was resembling the ladies above. Yeah it was sickening to see how far one's skin can stretch. I was in pain I was moody. I could not be touched even putting a shirt on was painful. This lasted all week long. After many suggestions and my own knowledge of all things boobs. I tried cabbage leaves, sudafed, cold compresses, hand expressing enough to stop the stinging. I tried it all. I still felt like I was smuggling two rocks in my very tight fitting bra.

I finally broke down and asked one of the Doc's what else? He suggested a medication which inhibits the production of milk. So thankfully with connections, and Doc's at my beck and call. I got me a script for the medicine. I am feeling much better but a week of rocks can kill a gal.

Week In Review

This week was a busy week. My hubby went out of town Monday night through Wednesday. We were on our own. I had to cook and watch all the kids by myself. And we all know I don't cook, well I cook but not well. So there I am Monday and Tuesday with all the kiddies.

Wednesday- I worked in triage so I am the first person everyone sees when they come to the ER. I see more abdominal pains than you wouldn't believe. Seriously people you come in because you threw up once like 4 hours ago? WTH? So multiply that x12 hours yeah good times.

Thursday- I am getting bored with work, so I ask for the front beds. I have never worked the front beds Evah! But it's time I need to learn the more critical patients. This day was not for learning, I had a few chest pain's but nothing else. NO trauma's or real cardiac patients. I was bored again. I know saying this that next time I work the front beds I will be bombarded with the sickest of the sick.

Friday- Doctor's appointments all around. Nicholas had his one year appt. He is 24 lbs, 31 inches long and a big noggin at 19in. Got some shots too. Poor little guy. And he is walking more. Me, I got my pathology report from the doctor about the mole mole moley, it's benign. Yeah Me!

Eyeshadow for dummies!

So I never said I knew how to place eyeshadow. I seriously barely started wearing make-up in my 20's. Having said that, isn't it your mom or your best girlfriends who are suppose to teach you about make-up? I hung out with boys in high school, and my mom barely wear make-up as well.

So I stumbled upon this from Avon. Yes Avon is still rocking away make-up from a catalog. Believe it or not this suckers are easy to do. It's like rubbing on a temp. tattoo, but for your eyes. Cute colors too, and easy.

I know I sounds like I just became the new Avon lady, but I talk about what I like. Right now I like these.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A good year!

You Belong in 1991
With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!">What Year Do You

Apparently that is a good year for me considering I was in 6th grade!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nicholas's Party

My little man turn one on the 11th. So we had his party early.

Here is a picture of the cake. Walmart came through after all. And did the cake I wanted.
The box lunch we did. Subway sandwich inside complete with goodies.
Me and Nicholas. He was so serious the entire party. I think he was on the tired side.
In front of his cake.
Of course Richie had to help blow out the candles.

It really was a nice party. It makes me sad to think my last baby is getting big. He well on to his way to walking. Before you know it he'll be running around. :(

Nicholas's Party

He is the first child that I know that didn't want his cupcake. He is too funny.

Walk some more.

My little family. Before the hustle and bustle of 2 more kiddies.

Another family picture with Gianna at Halloween.

A wedding picture. I did right and got married in the church the following year after the Vegas wedding. My parents walked me down the aisle. Gianna striking a pose in the Valley of the Temples in Hawaii. She looked at this pic, and said "oh how cute I was" I said oh how spoiled you are, trips to Hawaii byage 3.
Hope you enjoyed our little pics.

Walk down memory lane.

Richie and I in Vegas getting married. I was so young and shiny. And yes very pregnant call this shotgun wedding at its' best. :)
Once again Richie and I, I was so very happy to be getting married. I need to go in to details about what lead up to the wedding someday.

My Gianna she is such a cute little girl. That was her first dress with matchy matchy hat.

A pic of me as a child. I think Gianna and I look alot alike.

More pics of my and Gianna.

So now that I have mastered the scanner part of my all in one printer scanner combo. I thought I would share some pics from before. A time when I didn't upload them all to a place like picturetrail. A place before I tool pictures with my regular 35mm and not the digital camera. Enjoy!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Loser Ida

I am suppose to be running a half marathon at Disneyland. I am suppose to be training.

Now ask me have I trained? Nope!

Do I have money left to take a trip to Disneyland? Nope! We all know Disneyland is not a few hundred dollars trip. No if we go ; we go big or not at all. So this time it may have to be not at all.

Let's get real, I have not trained, I need to buy school clothes for G. I am lazy, and not broke but broke for Disneyland.

I am a loser!

Call me dork!

I am just learning how to use the video part of my camera I have had since Christmas. So please bear with me on my latest videos.

Yeah dork me you may have to tilt your head to the side to see the video.

ER News

OK the pic is not my hospital but on some days it just look like that. I am jaded now, I must say having worked in the Er for almost 10 years on and off.

Some of the things I have seen would amaze you.

Names and sex have been changed to protect the innocent.

Patient X has come to the ER almost on a daily basis so we can give them pain medication. It doesn't matter that they have a list of medications longer than my arm that include many pain drugs. Nope the shots work so much better. Let's count over 50 visits in a short time span.

I have seen people come in for a stub toe, was it black or bruised nope just stubbed.

Everyday I get my kid has a fever. Well my first question is did you give them anything for the fever? NO! Why?

Why dear parent is because you kid has a fever. Umm Hello? Oh and when you ask what the temp. was, you get they just felt warm we don't have a thermometer. (insert me banging my head against the desk here)

I get one two or three people everyday that come in for a cold.

I have seen people come in for a cough over 3 months. When you ask why did you come in today for it? - Because I finally had a day off.

Another pt. I have had this bump on my arm for 2 years. Can you tell me if it's cancer? I have to keep a straight face while I ask questions and try to get a history.

I have cleaned maggots, yes maggots off a person. We have done lunch and a makeover on the homeless that come in our hospital. You can get a scrumptous cafeteria lunch as well as a clean up. Oh that was a glorious day. I literally peeled my clothes off in the garage and walked into my house naked after that day.

I have crazy insane people try to beat Dr's with their canes.

You will find almost anything in a pt's pocket. Always have a witness with you when you go through someone's pockets. I once had a man have well over 2 grand in his pants.

I have seen xrays that would astound you. It is amazing how much stuff one can stick up one's behind.

Enough said.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moving on from Breaking Dawn

Since Breaking Dawn was a big climatic thud. I still want something vampire to watch.

I love the series Six Feet Under on HBO. So I am looking forward to the series TrueBlood.

It's a series about vampires. Will I love it or hate it I have no idea. But I am going to watch to see if I like it.

I got a phone hey hey hey hey!

oh I heart Ebay. I was able to acquire this new nifty phone for a rock bottom price. Since my contract is not up for a long while thank you Sprint, I decided to buy my own. I hope I love it and it loves me. I can't wait to text my little fingers off with it's full keyboard.

Champagne Wishes on a Beer Budget

Everyone knows I am a purse fiend. I love purses. I am a complete snob when it comes to my purses. I do not buy fake ones at all. But I am pissed when I see fake ones. Like they are trying to pass off swap meet Louis's when you know they are not real quit, trying to tell me it's real.

I think everyone and there mother here now has Coach Purses. I am over it. I don't think I will buy anymore Coach purses. I know that is so snobby, but I like having the newest or cutest purse. I can't do it when your grandma has the same purse as me.

So with my beer budget I want the champagne wishes of money to buy all the purses I really really want.

I want the Burberry bowling bag. Oh yes I will have it. It wants to come home with me.

I want the Gucci bag I have been eyeballing for forever.

Now I just need the money.

So busy so sorry!

So I haven't blogged since Friday.

I worked Saturday night. I couldn't turn it down. When they offer you double time to go in. There was no stopping me. So of course I am not the night owl, I once was. I tried to nap a bit when I finally decided I would go in. NO luck.

So the hubby and I still wanted to go see the movie the Dark Knight. A must see movie. It was so good. I am sorry to see Heath Ledger gone. He was amazing in the movie. I finally went in to work at 10:30.

It was a boring night. A really boring night. A Saturday in the Er with nothing to do.

Sunday was a sleeping/recovery day. I finally got up and dressed we went to dinner.

It's been pretty boring around here lately.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Things on my mind!

I am debating if I should order sushi for dinner.

I am debating going and picking up the new Breaking Dawn book instead of waiting for Amazon to ship my copy. I also ordered 2 more books.

I need a pedicure badly.

I want Nicholas to quit nursing.

That is all for now.

Damn Work

Work is taking time away from blogging. HA HA!

I have some things to catch up on. It's always busy when I work.

So the recap.

Tuesday I had patients. I was doing IV infusions for a Dr. R in his office. Easy money I must say.

Wednesday- I worked from 10-10:30 only to get home and find the kids all awake. Running aroung like banchees. Is that even a word?

Thursday- Had a great hair day went to work at 7 am till 7:30. Came home belly sick. Promptly went to sleep.

Today went to the Dr who took out my mirena. Now in pain. OUCH