Friday, August 8, 2008

ER News

OK the pic is not my hospital but on some days it just look like that. I am jaded now, I must say having worked in the Er for almost 10 years on and off.

Some of the things I have seen would amaze you.

Names and sex have been changed to protect the innocent.

Patient X has come to the ER almost on a daily basis so we can give them pain medication. It doesn't matter that they have a list of medications longer than my arm that include many pain drugs. Nope the shots work so much better. Let's count over 50 visits in a short time span.

I have seen people come in for a stub toe, was it black or bruised nope just stubbed.

Everyday I get my kid has a fever. Well my first question is did you give them anything for the fever? NO! Why?

Why dear parent is because you kid has a fever. Umm Hello? Oh and when you ask what the temp. was, you get they just felt warm we don't have a thermometer. (insert me banging my head against the desk here)

I get one two or three people everyday that come in for a cold.

I have seen people come in for a cough over 3 months. When you ask why did you come in today for it? - Because I finally had a day off.

Another pt. I have had this bump on my arm for 2 years. Can you tell me if it's cancer? I have to keep a straight face while I ask questions and try to get a history.

I have cleaned maggots, yes maggots off a person. We have done lunch and a makeover on the homeless that come in our hospital. You can get a scrumptous cafeteria lunch as well as a clean up. Oh that was a glorious day. I literally peeled my clothes off in the garage and walked into my house naked after that day.

I have crazy insane people try to beat Dr's with their canes.

You will find almost anything in a pt's pocket. Always have a witness with you when you go through someone's pockets. I once had a man have well over 2 grand in his pants.

I have seen xrays that would astound you. It is amazing how much stuff one can stick up one's behind.

Enough said.


Angie said...

Just stopped by because I loved your comment on Mindi's entry today. Great post!! I would love to have your job!

Kristi said...

I cannot even imagine. This is why I am not a nurse(even though dh says I would be good at it). I just get grossed out, way too easily. Have you ever wanted to just quit rather than deal with a patient?

Adam and Megan's Mom said...

Crazy what you must see! I don't want to know what can be up someone's butt eewww

BiBi said...

WOW! I can NOT imagine! *hugs*

Rachel said...

I hear ya sister.
Every ER must be the same... coast to coast. I SO could have written these stories.

SO hearing you.

Rachel said...

Oh- and maggots are best when you find them inside of a rotten pair of shoes with fifteen holes over six pairs of wet, filthy socks.