Sunday, August 10, 2008

Walk some more.

My little family. Before the hustle and bustle of 2 more kiddies.

Another family picture with Gianna at Halloween.

A wedding picture. I did right and got married in the church the following year after the Vegas wedding. My parents walked me down the aisle. Gianna striking a pose in the Valley of the Temples in Hawaii. She looked at this pic, and said "oh how cute I was" I said oh how spoiled you are, trips to Hawaii byage 3.
Hope you enjoyed our little pics.


Adam and Megan's Mom said...

Hi Ida! I love the pictures! You have a cute family!

BiBi said...

Great pictures!
It's a great idea to scan and post these pictures. Back when Digital wasn't everything LOL!

I love looking at pictures from the earlier days :)
Gianna is so little in those HA! She's grown so much!

Rachel said...

How fun was it to look at those old pics!
Thanks for sharing!