Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy Busy

This officially starts the busy busy on goings of our family. School has started today, which means we have a real schedule again. boohoo.

Just so you know why I ramble at times this is the new deal. Mon/Tues the hubby will have nursing students again. Wed/Thurs. I work my 12 hour shifts. I also picked up Sat/Sun. so more money more money money for us. Or shall I say the bills. HUbby picked up Thursday, Fri, Sat. Our new days off together will be Sundays only I guess. A perfect day so we can go to church. Well that's when I am not working a Sunday.

Did I tell you, I also interviewed for another job. It's per diem but pays really well as a rent a nurse for the hospital up the street. So on top of all that, I will give her some days too.

It's sounds like a lot but really it isn't. I will give 8 days to my hospital. I also will give 4 days to the other hospital. yeah me. yeah the bills.


Rachel said...

Hang in there. Sounds like life is a bit hectic. I am with ya! LOL

Call me if you need to chat ever.

BiBi said...

You're one busy mommy! *hugs*

Mindi said...

it's BILLS, BILLS, BILLS at our house, too--we get something paid off and then something else goes haywire...
just wish i had a sweet nursing job to contribue to the family!

i am just a "taker" and not a "contributor!"

Tiburon said...

That made my head spin!