Sunday, August 10, 2008

Walk down memory lane.

Richie and I in Vegas getting married. I was so young and shiny. And yes very pregnant call this shotgun wedding at its' best. :)
Once again Richie and I, I was so very happy to be getting married. I need to go in to details about what lead up to the wedding someday.

My Gianna she is such a cute little girl. That was her first dress with matchy matchy hat.

A pic of me as a child. I think Gianna and I look alot alike.

More pics of my and Gianna.

So now that I have mastered the scanner part of my all in one printer scanner combo. I thought I would share some pics from before. A time when I didn't upload them all to a place like picturetrail. A place before I tool pictures with my regular 35mm and not the digital camera. Enjoy!


Tiburon said...

Have you aged? AT ALL?!?!

Ida said...

Yes I have sadly. :(