Monday, August 25, 2008

Me through the decades!

1960's Ida gotta love the glasses!
1970's Ida love the hair. And the pearls. woohoo
1980's Ida. One must accept one's fro!
1990's Ida oh I can be in a hair band any day. I could be a groupie.
2000 Ida hmm I dunno know about the bangs.

Ha this was a fun one. I got the idea from Mindi.


Mindi said...

you are a TOTAL BABE!!!

i love you in the cat's eye glasses--you look like a naughty librarian!! raaaarrrhhh!!

BiBi said...

The last one is hilarious! I do not like bangs!
Used to, not anymore hehe!

Angie said...

too funny! you look awesome in all years!

Tiburon said...

LOVE 2000 Ida!

Dani said...

HA HA Lovely!

Rachel said...

Tooo funny! Love it!