Friday, August 8, 2008

Loser Ida

I am suppose to be running a half marathon at Disneyland. I am suppose to be training.

Now ask me have I trained? Nope!

Do I have money left to take a trip to Disneyland? Nope! We all know Disneyland is not a few hundred dollars trip. No if we go ; we go big or not at all. So this time it may have to be not at all.

Let's get real, I have not trained, I need to buy school clothes for G. I am lazy, and not broke but broke for Disneyland.

I am a loser!


Angie said...

Hate it when that happens! P.S. What a nice looking family!

BiBi said...

You're not alone! I'm wishing to go one day. All my family actually - that would be so nice!
The way things have been around here, it night be another few years before we can go.

When school comes around it's a whole 'nother deal too. I'm supposed to go tomorrow to get Oscar his uniforms and shoes. I can just imagine...

Rachel said...

You are SO not alone.

Haven't trained in over a month,
I suck.
We suck together.

BTW - Wanna chat- I'm working all weekend. I may just call you!