Saturday, August 16, 2008

Week In Review

This week was a busy week. My hubby went out of town Monday night through Wednesday. We were on our own. I had to cook and watch all the kids by myself. And we all know I don't cook, well I cook but not well. So there I am Monday and Tuesday with all the kiddies.

Wednesday- I worked in triage so I am the first person everyone sees when they come to the ER. I see more abdominal pains than you wouldn't believe. Seriously people you come in because you threw up once like 4 hours ago? WTH? So multiply that x12 hours yeah good times.

Thursday- I am getting bored with work, so I ask for the front beds. I have never worked the front beds Evah! But it's time I need to learn the more critical patients. This day was not for learning, I had a few chest pain's but nothing else. NO trauma's or real cardiac patients. I was bored again. I know saying this that next time I work the front beds I will be bombarded with the sickest of the sick.

Friday- Doctor's appointments all around. Nicholas had his one year appt. He is 24 lbs, 31 inches long and a big noggin at 19in. Got some shots too. Poor little guy. And he is walking more. Me, I got my pathology report from the doctor about the mole mole moley, it's benign. Yeah Me!


Mindi said...

i like the word 'triage'--it rolls off the tongue nicely.

your job sounds exciting and scary at the same time. i don't handle blood esp. well. prob good that i'm not a nurse. but i WISH i had those skillz

Rachel said...

Ugh, boring days in hearts is good and bad all at once, isn't it? And triage can be a drag! LOL

You wouldn't have wanted my last 3 days at work... I was in critical and got HIT. Bad stuff. Ugh. I'll tell you about it sometime.