Saturday, May 31, 2008

Funny Stuff


Created by OnePlusYou - a Free Dating Site

Thanks Mindi

I found such funny stuff on your blog.

80's Trivia

I was Righteous!
I scored 75% on the
Take the 80s quizby SheGoddess: How to lose weight

Yeah I missed a bunch. Oh well I was in diapers and elementary school go figure.

Thanks Mindi that was fun!


Everyone was in good spirits today. So we decided to clean out the flower beds in the front and look for new stuff to put in it.

I went and bought some rocks I am going for a more minimal watering scene. I bought 1.5 tons of river rocks. It was a pain the rear trying to load the rocks off the truck though. I am looking for some palm trees to put in the flower bed too. So it won't be a flower bed but it'll be something pretty to look at.

I hope it goes well and nothing dies. I have a habit of killing plants.

In other news. Gianna went to a cheer camp today. She was hesitant at first but she warmed up to it and loved it. I don't think she wants to continue with it but she had fun.

Richie is doing well using the hurt arm. He adapted really well but he knows how to milk his injury too. I love that little guy. He is too funny.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Richie broke a bone

I am so sad my poor little boy broke his clavicle. It hurts me to know he's in pain. The Richie's were play fighting and he fell on his arm pushing his shoulder in and it broke. Lucikly it isn't a complete break but it looks like a teepee on the xrays. My poor baby boy.

He is doing OK wants to play outside and run around. I have to help him with everything of course since he only has use of one arm now. They say it'll take a few weeks to heal. Until then he will be using a sling.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

oh Hubby !

Call this and ode to my hubby.
Oh Hubby how I love you so. I love when you make Gianna's lunch in the mornings. I love how you make most dinners way better than I ever could. I love how you mumble and complain but still manage to do what I ask.
I love how you are with the kids. How Richie and Gianna just love their Daddy and run up to you when you come home. How little Richie loves to play fight with you and you go along with it.
I love that you let me sleep in. You let me shop in peace , not shouting hurry up already. I love holding your hand in the movies, and having lunch together just us. I love that you feed my purse addiction, and bring me little sweet somethings from the Coach store. :)
I am lucky that I can stay home with the children while you work your butt off. I am a very lucky girl.
I am truly blessed to have a hubby like you.
Yes I am feeling sappy today enjoy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

My love for E Network

Please tell me why I love all these ditsy girls on the E network. I love watching the girls next door or the Kardashians. They all crack me up. Yes I watch meaningless stuff on TV oh well. And the Soup gotta love the Soup. When I have had a busy week, the Soup is all I need to catch me up on all things ditsy or weird. Thanks Joel & E.

I also watch the history channel so I think it all evens out in the end.

Super Ida

Take this test!
There's no doubt about it: Your world revolves around your kids, and love is evident in almost everything you do for them, whether you're making their school lunches, videotaping their school performances — or pulling them in for a great big hug.

You've probably got a bit of a traditional streak and may have a somewhat old-fashioned approach to parenting (such as trying to wrangle everyone together to eat dinner as a family every night). Your friends and family may tease you a bit about how much you protect your kids — and it's true that you're a bit of a mama bear inside; you're likely to take your kids' sides when they fight with their friends or get in trouble in school. But everyone admires the warmth you exude, and your unshakable belief in your children.

Richie & Al Bundy

My little boy has a fascination with his friends down below. Awhile back he found his balls, yep I said it balls. It's what he calls them. I can't help it I tell him to get his hand out of his pants. I tell him all day long but there he is a regular little Al Bundy.

So all day it's Richie get your hand out of your pants. Richie get it out of there! I know you are not suppose to make a big deal of it. But it's embarrassing. So here's to hoping he doesn't go off to kinder with his hands in his pants.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

All About Richie

Tagged by Dani

If you have been tagged, just copy and paste the rules and the questions onto your own blog or post. Then delete answers, and insert the ones you think your child/children would choose.

Tell me all about your little one.

1.) My name(s) is/are: Ricardo Antonio aka Richie

2.) My first word was: Mom

3.) My favorite food right now is: Corn Dogs

4.) My favorite song is: Rock Monster from the Veggie Tales Movie

5.) My car seat color is: gray and black.

6.) My room color is: Blue White Beige it has a hawaiian theme with murals on the wall

7.) I love to use this kind of shampoo: Johnson's baby shampoo

8.) The thing that can make me the maddest is: When something is stuck or he can't open something he gets so frustrated.

9.) My favorite person right now is: Daddy

10.) I like to read this book over and over and over: The belly button book

11.) My brand of diapers is: Was pampers no more diapers though yeah!

12.) The cutest thing I say is: " You wanna fight" He says is and bows like he's a karate fighter.

13.) My favorite fruit is: apples

14.) When I get hurt I want: A band aid and a kiss

15.) I mostly ride around in a: Suburban

16.) I go to bed at: 9 pm

17.) I wake up at: 7:30 or really late on the weekends more like 9:30

18.) My naptime during the day is: Rarely naps these days

19.) My most favorite thing to do is: thinks he is a UFC fighter, and playing Bob the Builder

20.) My favorite show/movie is: Yo Gabba Gabba

OK, now I tag: Julia, Diane

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nicholas Funnies

Mentioning of breastfeeding here :)

Nicholas is funny he is the most avid nurser I have. He thinks I am a open all night milk bar. He thinks he can just crawl on up , and get into my shirt.

Things he likes to do,

He will be in my lap and look in my shirt till he finds his breast friends.

At night he will want to nurse all night long if I let him. He gets all butt hurt if I take his boobies away.

When he nurses he can contort his body in any special way so that he can reach my boobs. Be it laying over my tummy to reach them, rolled up in a little ball in my lap or his feet in his face he doesn't care as long as he has his girls.

He does a little whine while waiting for his girls. He cracks me up. The kids is hilarious. I would like to say we will be done nursing at age 1 but I highly doubt it.

Gymboree You are pure evil!

I have a love hate relationship with Gymboree.

Gymboree is my crack. I am a gymbo fiend. I had my fix today. I will swear off the goods then they send me little coupons in the mail. I walk past the store thinking I will just go in and look huh yeah right.

I heard from birdies on a board I visit that there was a 20% off coupon in the Parent's magazine. Hurry go look I will wait. Anyways 20% off is a good deal. So I go in, I see cute dresses for Gianna. Not baby ones either. She is in a limited 2 phase. Plus I saw jammies for a friend the cutest little girl stuff. Plus I found super cheap jammies for Richie. It was horrible. The sale was an additional 20% off plus my 20% coupon plus I earned gymbucks. I tell you it's like crack.

Once you try it your hooked.

So the kids got some cute stuff plus Gianna got a new bathing suit. I love it. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I saw this lovely video on Tiburon's Blog. It was my crack up funny video for the day. If watching from work be advised turn the volume down.

Good things to do in the am

Good things we like to do in the morning is,

-have ticklefest in my bed before we have to head out the door to take Gianna to school. The boys are so lovable in the mornings. They are little balls of warmth to snuggle with.

- Ask Gianna about her plans for the day. Who she is going to play with, what games. Lately it's been Pokemon cards during recess time.

- Do dances to the Backyardigans. I have to admit we love the music from there. We rock out while I make breakfast. Richie dances around the room or jumps around. Even Nicholas has some rhythm now.

- After breakfast is done. Nicholas is usually ready to nap again. Which means we lay in bed again while he nurse/drifts to sleep.

I love mornings.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Things that freak me out

I have to admit ever since I watched Stephen King's "It" I was damaged ever since. I can not see clowns with out thinking of that scary clown. I was walking with the boys tonight, and I walked close to the storm drain. I could hear the water running underneath. I just had flash backs of that stupid movie. Ugh that makes me weirded out.

I normally don't get scared of much but that movie does it for me. Other things that freak me out are alien movies. Not the E.T. movie but those scary big headed aliens. Like the movie "Signs" yeah that one freaks me out. I don't know why but it does.

Why I am blogging about this who knows but just throwing it out there.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I worked on Thursday. That was my most trying day at work. I know I whine about work. But some days are better than others. This was not a great day. I had to talk with my BFF Angie about it I was so upset.

I have to be a patient advocate, and sometimes family members get in the way of that. Let's just say don't let your family talk you into things you may or may not want. Especially when you are drugged and not in your right mind.

Other then that, I had to prepare Gianna and the hubby to go to Vegas. They are leaving today. I packed bags and made sure she had appropriate hair clips, and undies you know the whole kit and caboodle. The boys and I are staying home no Vegas for us. Richie went for his Goddaughters first holy communion. Gianna was going for the ride and to play with the girls.

I love payday Fridays. The house cleaners come I leave so we are out of their way. When I come home the house is magically spic and span for about 15 minutes. We tend to leave trails behind us. From toys to shoes to socks.

That's about it tonight just me and the boys laying around being lazy I love it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Don't cha love gift cards!

I love gift cards. I was able to go to a dinner with my family thanks to one. Paid a total of 10.00 thanks to a gift card to Chili's. I must admit the kids are getting better about going out to dinner. It use to be that lil Richie would start hollering, and getting antsy after 20 minutes. But now he can pick out his own food. We are sure to order it first so it can cool by the time the adult plates arrive. He eats so well loves his broccoli yes he is the only kid I know who loves it.

In the morning I also went to Mops
This was a good Mops it was a tea party, so I actually put on a dress and some heels. I was all ready to go. Went to my favorite bakery picked up some cookies, fresh bread, and scones. I then travel down the street to drop off Richie at preschool. When I get there I get Nicholas out of the truck. I feel something moist on my arm. Yep you guessed it the Nicholas had a diaper blow out. eeewwwww! So here I am holding him out in front like he's a bomb. I get to the back of the suburban. I start to change him. Thankfully I had back up clothes.

So I was late he's wrinkled b/c those clothes have been at the bottom of my diaper bag. Whoa it was a trying morning. At least my dress didn't get any poop on it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DMV & Taxes oh my!

Today was an especially great day. I just realized that the county has not cashed our check. This is an important check it's the one for our lovely property taxes. Our taxes that are way too high on my lovely abode here. Anyways before I get into a rant. I call down there to see what's up they state they haven't received my check yet. Huh? I sent it over a month ago. She proceeds to tell me bring down my check book plus transaction statement. So I gather the boys together off we go. For your info. since they are saying I was late they were going to tack on another 200.00 in fees. I don't think so!

We wait in line not a big line but a line none the less. I plead my case with the lady she takes my info. The she proceeds to tell me I don't think I will be able to fix this. She is giving me along speech about why hasn't this check cleared?

Me- I don't know it is probably lost in the mail that is why I am here.

Her- Well I need a statement showing which checks have cleared.

Me- Again ma'am you are not going to see this check on my statement because it was never cashed. (banging my head against the wall here)

In the meantime lil Richie is asking to go to the potty. Maybe that was a good time out for me because mommy was about to blow her top. I finally left. I told my husband to handle it I clearly did not have the patience today.

So we walk out I had to park a little far due to this building being downtown. We walk across some gravel , and my poor baby falls. Poor Richie his knees were skinned , and bleeding. He was a crying mess hollering, and crying "I'm bleeding my legs are broken". Nicholas is looking at both of us like we are crazy.

I needed to clean him up so I call Richie he's in the ER and brings me some stuff to bandage the boy up. Nothing like a really big band aid to make it all better. I was feeling bad so told him you want McDonald's? Of course he does they have speed racer toys.

But duh mommy it's barely 10:15 am so no kids meal yet. So he's feeling better, I need to renew my drivers license so there we go the DMV. My DMV is quick now compared to what is us to be. Took me 20 minutes, and got my new card. I am a bit worried though. I had to take a new picture. Nicholas was in the carrier, so I am afraid it's going to either look like I have a hairy chest or a 3rd boob.

Well all is done now, and Richie loved his McDonald's.

A racist?

I was watching comedy central tonight. I was killing time till my honey Jon Stewart came on. Anyways, Carlos Mencia was on the TV. My hubby walks in , and says shut it off he's such a racist. I was suprised he never comments on comedians. But he is adamant that he is a racist.

This was coming from the man who laughed his butt of watching Dave Chappelle.
The same Dave that made fun of every ethnicity out there. One person we can agree on to watch is George Lopez.

So anyways, no Carlos in this house for us I guess. Is there a certain comedian that is your favorite or least favorite let me know.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Going On Tour!

I am outta here. I can't wait. We are leaving for a mini vacation to San Diego. I am attending a class on a Friday, Saturday so we decided to make a really long weekend out of it. I can't wait. We bought our season passes to Sea World awhile back now we will be able to use them. I will be in class sadly all day Friday and part of Saturday so Richie will have the kids alone. Oh poor Richie.

I have plans for him though. Lil Richie needs to visit the dentist and I need my windows tinted so he can do those honey do's while I am in class.

Thankfully we pricelined a hotel so you know it was super cheap. I love that website. I have stayed in so many rooms for cheap thanks to them. I will be counting the days till next month.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies I know. I hope you have a wonderful day. I hope the kids give you a moment of peace, that no juice is spilled. That your husband cleans up the mess today, and you can sit back and relax.

Oh wait it's mother's day not my dream from last night. Hugs to my mommies out there.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good day!

Last night I had a sitter thank you Nichole. Love ya lots!

We were suppose to go to a bar for EMS week activities. How appropriate huh a bunch of firefighters, nurses, EMT's at a bar. Anyways there was no one there yet so we bounced on over to a movie.

We saw Baby's Mama, a very cute movie. I laughed so much. It was so nice to be able to get out with the hubby. My BFF Angie came along too. She had a sitter as well.

Today was a shopping day. Went to run errands at target and walmart. I had to pick up items for our luncheon tomorrow . It was nice to be with the kids, and not have them fight all day long. Got the Bus washed it looks so great all nice and clean.
Had great BBQ tonight. Had the family over it was so nice. Uncle Dan came down from Arizona to see his mama for mother's day. The weather was perfect outside for a BBQ.

I am rambling on now it's late. I am going to bed now.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Oh Snap!

Senior Year Portrait gotta love the highlights!

From the yearbook. I was editor of my high school paper. Huh I can barely spell now?
More year book photos. I was so skinny makes me sick now. 103 lbs when I graduated. I was like a walking stick. But I thought I looked good back then. 8th grade photo.
8th grade dance Photo. Loving the dress huh?

oh yes Ida at her best. HA yeah right. I finally got the time and the guts to post some pics. I never had blue hair or wore black lipstick, but I did have purple hair at one time. The pics above are from 8th grade and high school.

Thanks to all the blogging gals who were brave enough to post their pics. Love you all!

Nurse Cap Photos

OK I really wanted to wear the white dress & shoes. But in my infinite wisdom I realized too late that I didn't have white hosiery or white shoes. I didn't think it would be too fashionable wearing a white dress with black shoes. LOL So I wore my usual green hospital scrubs with my cap. I was very happy that 3 of my fellow nurses wore their caps as well. We received many compliments from my older patients. They appreciated the effort of us dressing professionally.

I did however had some snickers from a certain FEMALE ob/gyn. You would think she would have more sense than to snicker to my ERMD about the hats. "haha they look so funny in those hats"

I want to think she was jealous. Hell if I was a Dr. and they gave out some cool hat when you graduated Med. school you better believe I would wear that hat to no end. Anyways she pissed me off. Thank you Dr. N for sticking up for us, and explaining to the oh so lovely Dr. that it's Nurse's week.

You have to forgive the pictures they were taken at night when I was done with my shift. Hence no make-up and the crazy hair.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for friends that call on your birthday & family who calls, emails too.

For work they were so cute they bought me a cake at work yesterday they tried their hardest to hide it but I ended up walking in on the surprise early. Sorry guys.

For my lovely husband who put together a new shed for us. On weekends he has been working so hard finishing the roof. He also planted so many shrubs flowers and bushes in the backyard. It looks wonderful. I hope none die in the heat.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nurses Week

It's nurses week. I am proudly wearing my nurse cap tomorrow. I will post some pics later. I hope the other girls don't flake out on me and not wear their nurse caps.

I want to learn!

I so want to learn to knit. I am a dork but I really want to learn. I am thinking about stalking old ladies in the fabric aisle till one of them teaches me to knit. I want to be able to make blankets and scarves. Not like I need scarves where I live it's like 60 in the winter but I still want to learn.

I want to be able to teach my daughter someday how to sew, knit, and bake. Maybe I was born in the wrong decade. Maybe I should have been born in the 50's like leave it to beaver mom.

New Co-Worker

oh how I wish this could happen to people at work.

This has happened so many times at work it's horrible. The worse part was when I was pregnant and people stole my food. You don't go stealing a preggo woman's food.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turned 29 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

It was a relaxing day non the less. I slept in till 7 am. Then I got dressed I had every intention to go to a breastfeeding coalition meeting. But instead I got the oil changed in the truck. My mom picked me up so I didn't have to roam Walmart for an hour with the boys. We went to Revelations book store. I love that bible store. I was able to get gifts for an upcoming first holy communion. Then I went next door to the clothing store. My mama spoiled me ,and bought me a dress. ahhhh! It was a nice day.

Later on Richie, my parents, and the crew went to dinner then over to my mom's house for cake and ice cream.

I got such cute gifts. I got some pj's, a dress, a frog tea light holder from my BFF. And money from my grand-parents. I have an IOU from Angie for a curling iron.

The kids bought me a new shiny pink Ipod nano. I so needed one thankfully I got a new one. It's great. I spent a good 1.5 hours placing music on it. I love it!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Funny Calender

Saw this in the paper today from Chronicle Books .

A funny take on what women would like to see. ha ha. The calender has men taking out the trash, changing the baby folding clothes etc.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Loving Old Navy

Say buh bye, to the old boring tote bag. Above thanks to Old Navy is a clutch that converts to a tote bag. Gotta love a double duty bag. Plus it comes in 4 colors and currently is on sale for a mere 10.00. woohoo.

Now if you have dollars to spare , you can get a L.A.M.B. one from the lovely Gwen Stefani for 498.00 umm no thanks Nordstrom's

APB ~ All Points Bulletin

Yes this is an alert from the Itty Bitty Booty Committee

Yes there is an all points bulletin out there. I am in search of my butt. huh You might be saying or thinking to yourself.

I am in search of my butt is got lost somewhere along the way to me losing the baby weight. I never has a J-Lo butt but it was a nice one.

I am flat in back like a Ken doll. It's a sad thing. Barbie has more booty than I do.

Yes that is my own butt or non butt there isn't it a sad flat butt. I am in desperate need of some lunges or a Brazilian butt implant. LOL

Girly Stuff

So my birthday is next week so Richie was kind enough to spoil me in early birthday stuff. I got new shoes see gigantic picture above. I also got a new dress gotta love the gap, and on clearance to boot. woohoo. I love a sale!

Now I need a pedi to show off the new shoes. I can't wait. Wanna come watch my kids so I can go the salon?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Been in a Funk

I was in a weird mood last week a very funky mood. I was feeling sort of down I worked my two days. They were ok plus I had class yesterday for work as well. So I really worked 3 days.

Life has been busy with the every day things to do. I live off of about 5 hours sleep every day. I wake up to get Gianna to school, kids and myself dressed on the days I work. I am always in a rush it seems. Life is making me tired lately.

We are still breastfeeding. I think the boy is sucking me dry of fluids, as well as brain cells. Some days my brain is in a fog like I am on autopilot.

So maybe it has to do with the fact that I am turning 29 this coming week. Yes I am crazy but to me it's the end of my 20's! It makes me sad.

I am freak, next year when I turn 30 who knows I may cry.

But today will be a good day. Richie is off . We thinking of taking the kids to the show. I got myself looking cute today put some make-up on a cute summer dress shaved my legs and I am ready to go.