Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good day!

Last night I had a sitter thank you Nichole. Love ya lots!

We were suppose to go to a bar for EMS week activities. How appropriate huh a bunch of firefighters, nurses, EMT's at a bar. Anyways there was no one there yet so we bounced on over to a movie.

We saw Baby's Mama, a very cute movie. I laughed so much. It was so nice to be able to get out with the hubby. My BFF Angie came along too. She had a sitter as well.

Today was a shopping day. Went to run errands at target and walmart. I had to pick up items for our luncheon tomorrow . It was nice to be with the kids, and not have them fight all day long. Got the Bus washed it looks so great all nice and clean.
Had great BBQ tonight. Had the family over it was so nice. Uncle Dan came down from Arizona to see his mama for mother's day. The weather was perfect outside for a BBQ.

I am rambling on now it's late. I am going to bed now.