Wednesday, May 28, 2008

oh Hubby !

Call this and ode to my hubby.
Oh Hubby how I love you so. I love when you make Gianna's lunch in the mornings. I love how you make most dinners way better than I ever could. I love how you mumble and complain but still manage to do what I ask.
I love how you are with the kids. How Richie and Gianna just love their Daddy and run up to you when you come home. How little Richie loves to play fight with you and you go along with it.
I love that you let me sleep in. You let me shop in peace , not shouting hurry up already. I love holding your hand in the movies, and having lunch together just us. I love that you feed my purse addiction, and bring me little sweet somethings from the Coach store. :)
I am lucky that I can stay home with the children while you work your butt off. I am a very lucky girl.
I am truly blessed to have a hubby like you.
Yes I am feeling sappy today enjoy!


BiBi said...

That is SO sweet!

Tiburon said...

So sweet.

You are both freakin hot. Hubba Hubba.

Rachel said...

You are so sweet, and so blessed to have such a great hubby. :)