Friday, May 9, 2008

Nurse Cap Photos

OK I really wanted to wear the white dress & shoes. But in my infinite wisdom I realized too late that I didn't have white hosiery or white shoes. I didn't think it would be too fashionable wearing a white dress with black shoes. LOL So I wore my usual green hospital scrubs with my cap. I was very happy that 3 of my fellow nurses wore their caps as well. We received many compliments from my older patients. They appreciated the effort of us dressing professionally.

I did however had some snickers from a certain FEMALE ob/gyn. You would think she would have more sense than to snicker to my ERMD about the hats. "haha they look so funny in those hats"

I want to think she was jealous. Hell if I was a Dr. and they gave out some cool hat when you graduated Med. school you better believe I would wear that hat to no end. Anyways she pissed me off. Thank you Dr. N for sticking up for us, and explaining to the oh so lovely Dr. that it's Nurse's week.

You have to forgive the pictures they were taken at night when I was done with my shift. Hence no make-up and the crazy hair.


Quinault said...

I like it!

Mindi said...

the hater comment was because she was jealous you looked so HOT!!!
that's generally why insecure people make those remarks

cool that you wore it!