Saturday, May 17, 2008

Things that freak me out

I have to admit ever since I watched Stephen King's "It" I was damaged ever since. I can not see clowns with out thinking of that scary clown. I was walking with the boys tonight, and I walked close to the storm drain. I could hear the water running underneath. I just had flash backs of that stupid movie. Ugh that makes me weirded out.

I normally don't get scared of much but that movie does it for me. Other things that freak me out are alien movies. Not the E.T. movie but those scary big headed aliens. Like the movie "Signs" yeah that one freaks me out. I don't know why but it does.

Why I am blogging about this who knows but just throwing it out there.


BiBi said...

I have to agree with you on this. "It" will always be there!

Dani said...

"IT" scared me too. That crazy clown with the gross teeth! YUCK
I also was freaked by signs, but I still liked the movie. The parts where you would just barely see the alien like rushing by...FREAKY!

Diane said...

IT is sooooo scary, I hate clowns!