Thursday, May 29, 2008

Richie broke a bone

I am so sad my poor little boy broke his clavicle. It hurts me to know he's in pain. The Richie's were play fighting and he fell on his arm pushing his shoulder in and it broke. Lucikly it isn't a complete break but it looks like a teepee on the xrays. My poor baby boy.

He is doing OK wants to play outside and run around. I have to help him with everything of course since he only has use of one arm now. They say it'll take a few weeks to heal. Until then he will be using a sling.


Mindi said...

poor little fella!! hope he gets feeling better soon--bet it helps that his mama is a nurse!
good luck

Dandy said...

Poor guy! I hope he heals quickly!

Rachel said...

OMGosh, poor baby! I hope he recovers quickly!