Friday, May 9, 2008

Oh Snap!

Senior Year Portrait gotta love the highlights!

From the yearbook. I was editor of my high school paper. Huh I can barely spell now?
More year book photos. I was so skinny makes me sick now. 103 lbs when I graduated. I was like a walking stick. But I thought I looked good back then. 8th grade photo.
8th grade dance Photo. Loving the dress huh?

oh yes Ida at her best. HA yeah right. I finally got the time and the guts to post some pics. I never had blue hair or wore black lipstick, but I did have purple hair at one time. The pics above are from 8th grade and high school.

Thanks to all the blogging gals who were brave enough to post their pics. Love you all!


Quinault said...

Ah! You look so cute and sweet!

Mindi said...

HELLOOOOOOO????!! you are supossed to post photos of you looking bad--i think you missed the point......and btw, who liiks like that in high school??
not fair.