Saturday, May 3, 2008

Been in a Funk

I was in a weird mood last week a very funky mood. I was feeling sort of down I worked my two days. They were ok plus I had class yesterday for work as well. So I really worked 3 days.

Life has been busy with the every day things to do. I live off of about 5 hours sleep every day. I wake up to get Gianna to school, kids and myself dressed on the days I work. I am always in a rush it seems. Life is making me tired lately.

We are still breastfeeding. I think the boy is sucking me dry of fluids, as well as brain cells. Some days my brain is in a fog like I am on autopilot.

So maybe it has to do with the fact that I am turning 29 this coming week. Yes I am crazy but to me it's the end of my 20's! It makes me sad.

I am freak, next year when I turn 30 who knows I may cry.

But today will be a good day. Richie is off . We thinking of taking the kids to the show. I got myself looking cute today put some make-up on a cute summer dress shaved my legs and I am ready to go.


Mindi said...

you need a vacay!!! whenever i am in the funk, i know it's time to travel. kinda hard with a little one suckling off you, but you should DO IT!1