Sunday, May 25, 2008

All About Richie

Tagged by Dani

If you have been tagged, just copy and paste the rules and the questions onto your own blog or post. Then delete answers, and insert the ones you think your child/children would choose.

Tell me all about your little one.

1.) My name(s) is/are: Ricardo Antonio aka Richie

2.) My first word was: Mom

3.) My favorite food right now is: Corn Dogs

4.) My favorite song is: Rock Monster from the Veggie Tales Movie

5.) My car seat color is: gray and black.

6.) My room color is: Blue White Beige it has a hawaiian theme with murals on the wall

7.) I love to use this kind of shampoo: Johnson's baby shampoo

8.) The thing that can make me the maddest is: When something is stuck or he can't open something he gets so frustrated.

9.) My favorite person right now is: Daddy

10.) I like to read this book over and over and over: The belly button book

11.) My brand of diapers is: Was pampers no more diapers though yeah!

12.) The cutest thing I say is: " You wanna fight" He says is and bows like he's a karate fighter.

13.) My favorite fruit is: apples

14.) When I get hurt I want: A band aid and a kiss

15.) I mostly ride around in a: Suburban

16.) I go to bed at: 9 pm

17.) I wake up at: 7:30 or really late on the weekends more like 9:30

18.) My naptime during the day is: Rarely naps these days

19.) My most favorite thing to do is: thinks he is a UFC fighter, and playing Bob the Builder

20.) My favorite show/movie is: Yo Gabba Gabba

OK, now I tag: Julia, Diane