Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nicholas Funnies

Mentioning of breastfeeding here :)

Nicholas is funny he is the most avid nurser I have. He thinks I am a open all night milk bar. He thinks he can just crawl on up , and get into my shirt.

Things he likes to do,

He will be in my lap and look in my shirt till he finds his breast friends.

At night he will want to nurse all night long if I let him. He gets all butt hurt if I take his boobies away.

When he nurses he can contort his body in any special way so that he can reach my boobs. Be it laying over my tummy to reach them, rolled up in a little ball in my lap or his feet in his face he doesn't care as long as he has his girls.

He does a little whine while waiting for his girls. He cracks me up. The kids is hilarious. I would like to say we will be done nursing at age 1 but I highly doubt it.


Dani said...

Ha ha. SO funny. My nieces( twins) nursed for a long time and would do the funniest things while nursing too. My sister would get all flustered with these feet in her face ha ha.
Oh yeah I tagged you on my blog!

Mindi said...

hey--you know that in latin america some of those kids nurse until 4 or 5--you've got LOTS of good years in you!!

i miss breastfeeding.....crazy to type that, but i loved it so!

The Bristow School said...

Cute! I miss those days.

I tagged you on my blog. Details are there.

Quinault said...

Ollie does that too. It is nice that they enjoy it so much but wow! Sometimes those contortions hurt!

Rachel said...

How cute! My little man is a boob monster too. Don't know when he'll ever stop, but I am cherishing every moment. :)