Friday, May 16, 2008


I worked on Thursday. That was my most trying day at work. I know I whine about work. But some days are better than others. This was not a great day. I had to talk with my BFF Angie about it I was so upset.

I have to be a patient advocate, and sometimes family members get in the way of that. Let's just say don't let your family talk you into things you may or may not want. Especially when you are drugged and not in your right mind.

Other then that, I had to prepare Gianna and the hubby to go to Vegas. They are leaving today. I packed bags and made sure she had appropriate hair clips, and undies you know the whole kit and caboodle. The boys and I are staying home no Vegas for us. Richie went for his Goddaughters first holy communion. Gianna was going for the ride and to play with the girls.

I love payday Fridays. The house cleaners come I leave so we are out of their way. When I come home the house is magically spic and span for about 15 minutes. We tend to leave trails behind us. From toys to shoes to socks.

That's about it tonight just me and the boys laying around being lazy I love it.


Mindi said...

sorry it was a bad day.
it's nice that you can just "veg" out tonight--have a great weekend!