Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DMV & Taxes oh my!

Today was an especially great day. I just realized that the county has not cashed our check. This is an important check it's the one for our lovely property taxes. Our taxes that are way too high on my lovely abode here. Anyways before I get into a rant. I call down there to see what's up they state they haven't received my check yet. Huh? I sent it over a month ago. She proceeds to tell me bring down my check book plus transaction statement. So I gather the boys together off we go. For your info. since they are saying I was late they were going to tack on another 200.00 in fees. I don't think so!

We wait in line not a big line but a line none the less. I plead my case with the lady she takes my info. The she proceeds to tell me I don't think I will be able to fix this. She is giving me along speech about why hasn't this check cleared?

Me- I don't know it is probably lost in the mail that is why I am here.

Her- Well I need a statement showing which checks have cleared.

Me- Again ma'am you are not going to see this check on my statement because it was never cashed. (banging my head against the wall here)

In the meantime lil Richie is asking to go to the potty. Maybe that was a good time out for me because mommy was about to blow her top. I finally left. I told my husband to handle it I clearly did not have the patience today.

So we walk out I had to park a little far due to this building being downtown. We walk across some gravel , and my poor baby falls. Poor Richie his knees were skinned , and bleeding. He was a crying mess hollering, and crying "I'm bleeding my legs are broken". Nicholas is looking at both of us like we are crazy.

I needed to clean him up so I call Richie he's in the ER and brings me some stuff to bandage the boy up. Nothing like a really big band aid to make it all better. I was feeling bad so told him you want McDonald's? Of course he does they have speed racer toys.

But duh mommy it's barely 10:15 am so no kids meal yet. So he's feeling better, I need to renew my drivers license so there we go the DMV. My DMV is quick now compared to what is us to be. Took me 20 minutes, and got my new card. I am a bit worried though. I had to take a new picture. Nicholas was in the carrier, so I am afraid it's going to either look like I have a hairy chest or a 3rd boob.

Well all is done now, and Richie loved his McDonald's.


Diane said...

LOL...had to laugh at the 3rd boob! I just had mine redone, mine looks a mess!

The Bristow School said...

That sounds like a frustrating day!! I hope that you get the tax issue ironed out. Sorry about the boo boo's! LOL about the hairy boob!