Thursday, May 15, 2008

Don't cha love gift cards!

I love gift cards. I was able to go to a dinner with my family thanks to one. Paid a total of 10.00 thanks to a gift card to Chili's. I must admit the kids are getting better about going out to dinner. It use to be that lil Richie would start hollering, and getting antsy after 20 minutes. But now he can pick out his own food. We are sure to order it first so it can cool by the time the adult plates arrive. He eats so well loves his broccoli yes he is the only kid I know who loves it.

In the morning I also went to Mops
This was a good Mops it was a tea party, so I actually put on a dress and some heels. I was all ready to go. Went to my favorite bakery picked up some cookies, fresh bread, and scones. I then travel down the street to drop off Richie at preschool. When I get there I get Nicholas out of the truck. I feel something moist on my arm. Yep you guessed it the Nicholas had a diaper blow out. eeewwwww! So here I am holding him out in front like he's a bomb. I get to the back of the suburban. I start to change him. Thankfully I had back up clothes.

So I was late he's wrinkled b/c those clothes have been at the bottom of my diaper bag. Whoa it was a trying morning. At least my dress didn't get any poop on it.