Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Venturing out

So I have been thinking lately that I need to do more outside the home meet new people. A few weeks ago I made some calls about joining a local breast feeding coalition. I wanted to volunteer my time more, for something I believe in. So I went to my first meeting today. They really do alot in the community as far as making mothers aware of the resources we have locally to support breast feeding. It was a real eye opener. I plan to attend more meetings and try to help out where I can.

I also have plans to go to a MOPS meeting next week I was concerned for a moment that I might not fit with their belief system but was reassured that they have many catholic moms in their play group so that should be fun. Another way to meet new moms and interact outside the home. I am excited they also have child care during the meetings so Richie can play with children his own age.

I am excited hopefully I can meet some new people and Richie can interact with some children too.


Aimee said...

Come to Texas. I'd love to meet you.